Aicok Portable Countertop Ice Maker Machine with Self-Clean, 26lbs Review

Aicok Portable Countertop Ice Maker, 26lbs

Aicok Portable Countertop Ice Maker, 26lbs

Aicok Ice Maker (1070) is countertop style and portable with a 26 lb. daily ice making capacity and the Self-Clean function. It comes with a 2.3 qt. capacity water reservoir, a large 1.8 lb. ice basket and a BPA-free ice scoop.

Aicok Ice Machine gets 9 ice cubes ready within just 6 to 10 minutes, with an average of 1.1 pounds of ice cubes each hour. On the smart and multifunctional LCD display panel you will find the Ice, Set (time conversion), Adjust Time and Select (Ice Size) buttons, as well as the Timing, Ice Size, Full of Ice, Ice Status, Error indications and Time.

The fully stainless steel exterior is quite durable and resistant to corrosion. The compressor is quite powerful but runs very quietly with a silent DC fan. There is no hydraulic system in this unit, but an advanced cooling system. The heat will be insulated effectively with the thick foam layer. This ice maker produces ice efficiently, but is not a freezer and won’t keep the ice cubes frozen for a long time and you need to use them straight away or transfer them to your freezer for using later. With the self-clean function you just add some water and vinegar and press a couple of buttons to clean the ice maker thoroughly.

Some parts of the country has hard tap water and minerals that stick to ice maker interior can cause hard and scaly deposits, with the ice cubes ending up smelly and not so pure. You can select from three sizes of bullet shaped ice cubes, small, medium and large that you can use in different drinks, smoothies, iced food, emergency ice bag and more. You’ll always be aware of which modes you’ve chosen, with the easy to read, large icons. The machine goes on the auto stand-by mode when the ice basket is full. It will tell you when you’re running out of water and you will see the ice making process through the transparent window.

Aicok Portable Countertop Ice Maker DigitaL Display

Stainless steel Aicok Ice Maker (1070) weighs 23.2 pounds and measures 14.17 x 12.87 x 9.8 inches and is compact in size and portable for use in any part of your house, office or outdoors. In the box you’ll find the ice maker, plastic ice scoop, silicone cap, user manual and the warranty card. You’ll also get an extra drain plug for emergency use. With a voltage of 110-120V and 60 Hz of frequency it is good for use in North America. With the timer on the LCD display you can also pre-program this ice maker. The molten water will be reused in the ice maker, saving you water and time. You probably need to run it 4-5 times before starting to get good quality ice cubes. It is important that you put the ice maker on a stable and clean countertop that is well ventilated.

Please do not press buttons frequently after the unit started to produce ice cubes. You’ll hear beep sounds when there is not enough water and when the ice basket is full. The drain is at the left bottom rear of the machine and there should be no leaking. You can set it to turn off and come back on at specific times. If you see lights flashing unnecessarily, please turn it off, unplug, plug it back in and turn it on and the problem should disappear. It is a very well constructed ice maker that produces ice quickly, efficiently and quietly and overall offers decent value for the dollar. Being approved and listed by ETL, it meets the Standards of Safety. The warranty is two years by Aicok, along with a 30-day return guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product. You’ll get technical and customer support for the life of the product.

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