Ainehome Ativafit Under Desk Trainer Mini Elliptical Machine Review

Ainehome Ativafit Under Desk Mini Elliptical Trainer

Ainehome Under Desk Elliptical Trainer

Ainehome Ativafit Under Desk Trainer is a mini elliptical machine or fitness peddler with a sturdy construction and a small LCD display for use at home and in the office when you’re working, studying or sitting on the couch and watching TV etc. There are two color options of black or grey with the same price tag at the moment. You can view the current prices on the product page.

As a multifunctional trainer it can be used in both sitting or standing positions and in reverse and forward motions, both for jogging or pedaling. It offers a convenient and varied workout for your different needs and with the different levels of resistance and intensity. The built-in LCD display with five functions shows the distance traveled, calories burned, time exercised, count and total count. And you can view your workout data on the monitor when you’re exercising.

The two large and solid, textured anti-slip foot pedals on this mini elliptical help secure your feet, keep them in place during your workout and offer a comfortable session and you can pedal as hard, fast and long as you wish. It works smoothly and very quietly thanks to the belt drive offering a smooth gliding motion. You can work, study and watch videos without any noise from the equipment disturbing you. The pedals have the convenient massage function and may help release the fatigue and tension from the work.

Ainehome Under Desk Mini Elliptical Trainer

Ainehome Mini Elliptical measures 23.6 x 19.7 x 10.6 inches and its compact size allows you to use it under the desk and you can move it around easily and effortlessly by holding its handle. You can use it wherever you want as you do not need to be near a power outlet. The LCD display will need a AAA battery to operate and is not included in the package. As you remove the monitor you will see the location of the battery at the rear.

This LCD monitor will work- show the figures when you start working out or pedaling. If you get the lubricant in a plastic bag you need to apply it between the wheel and the plate. You can use the mini elliptical trainer in a standing position as well, but you must have something to hold onto when you’re standing to stay in balance. This is especially necessary if you’re not good with balance or are an older adult. The maximum total user weight capacity is specified as 220 pounds or 100kg and that should be the value  for when you’re using it in the standing position.

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