Arctic King 5 cu. ft. Deep Chest Freezer, WHS-185C1WS Review

Arctic King 5 cu. ft. Chest Freezer, WHS-185C1WS

Arctic King 5 cu ft Chest Freezer

Arctic King WHS-185C1WS is a 5 cubic feet capacity compact chest freezer with a top door hinge and an upright space saving design for home food storage purposes. The average user rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars by 62 customers on the day of this product review.

This chest freezer is designed for indoor use but should also be OK in the garage or basement but not so much outdoors even if under a covered porch because of potential temperature fluctuations and humidity. It is ideal for use in smaller spaces with its compact size and vertical design, while fitting in quite a bit.

It weighs 59.5 pounds and measures 24.9 x 21.7 x 33.5 inches for a 5 cubic feet capacity. There are no castor wheels underneath and one person should be able to lift and move it easily. You can only use it plugged in a regular 110V US power outlet, and not other type of outlets. Judging by the customer reviews it seems to work well and freeze the items very well and quicker than a standard freezer in a larger fridge. This is a low cost freezer that doesn’t occupy a lot of space in your kitchen or wherever you put it, while being able to hold a nice amount. It is about the size of a standard dishwasher.

Although it is a top loading type freezer it shouldn’t feel very awkward reaching the items at the bottom, because it is only 33.5 inches tall. You’ll find a hanging basket inside for your items that you want to have easy access to. Please note that this is not an auto defrost type freezer, and needs to be defrosted manually. There is a scraper included with your purchase to help you with that. 5cf Chest Freezer Deep 5 Cu Ft Compact Dorm UprightYou’ll find the basic temperature dial at the bottom on the right and side. There are two leveling legs underneath for keeping it even on the floor and to avoid any extra noise. But generally speaking it works quietly.

There is no lock on this freezer if you prefer it with lock. As a compressor type cooler freezer it needs to stay in an upright position, unplugged for up to 24 hours to avoid any mechanical problems. The price is higher than normal at the moment because of the Covid 19 pandemic, it is a bit of a supply and demand issue. It would work well for those in need of an extra freezer space, to free up some space in their fridge freezer, looks nice in black color and does the job well. A couple of people reported to have received the freezer with some denting, because of the problems during transport, but others say it is shipped very well packaged and without any problems.

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