Arcwares Grapefruit Stair Stepper Climber with Hydraulic Resistance Review

Arcwares Grapefruit Stair Stepper Climber

grapefruit stair stepper

Arcwares Grapefruit Stair Stepper is a compact and portable climber and stepper with an LCD display and elastic resistance bands. It offers a decent whole body workout to men and women in the comfort of their homes.

The average customer rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars by 4 users on the day of this product review. The small LED monitor will show you the calories burned, movement frequency, exercise time- duration, frequency of movement and total count that will let you monitor your progress and see how you’re doing. It comes with a bonus anti-slip mat to put underneath and the resistance bands to help you train your upper body- chest, arms, shoulders and back as well when you’re doing your legs.

You will experience more challenge during your exercise session and you can work on your whole body muscles effectively. The anti-slip mat also helps with reducing noise on the floor other than preventing slipping. With the powerful hydraulic resistance system that makes it more stable and offers cushioning for protecting your ankles or knees from any potential injuries. It is nice to know that you’re having a safe workout. The anti-slip ABS soft pads on both pedals are removable for easy cleaning and replacing. It will help protect your toes, improve friction on the surface and keep you safe.

Grapefruit-Stepper weighs 17.63 pounds and measures 8.27 x 16.93 x 13 inches. It is compact and will not occupy much space and you can move it easily to other rooms in your house or outdoors when not in use. It is built sturdy and durable with a load bearing of 300 pounds. Good quality materials used overall, weighted hydraulic rod and the bold steel pipe make is GRAPEFRUIT - Stair Stepper, Portable Climbermore stable, safe and durable over time. You do not need to assemble anything and you can use it straight out of the box after the unpacking. It runs very smoothly and quietly thanks to the efficient hydraulic design.

When you go on this stepper climber for the first time please be careful with your balance and try and keep safe. In case you have any questions you can contact the customer support and they will get back to you within 24 hours. Please note that both the LED display and the user manual are in English. The movement on this stepper is not like a step and twist, but stepping up and down as you climb the stairs. It doesn’t need much maintenance, but after using it for 1 to 2 months you can put a small lubricating oil on the weighing rod to make it run smoothly and quietly. You should not use it straight after a meal and it is best that you wait for half an hour to an hour.

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