Breville Joule 1100W Sous VideCooker, CS10001 Review

Breville Joule 1100W Sous VideCooker

White Breville Joule Sous Vide (CS10001) is a high-end kitchen appliance with a stainless steel base and cap, Bluetooth and WiFi functionality and 1100 watts of power. It is a very modern sous vide with a premium look and feel and is promoted as Amazon’s Choice for sous vide products. The average customer rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars by 1501 users on the day of this product review.

With a very sleek and compact, streamlined body and robust base and cap, it weighs just 1.3 pounds and is only 11 inches tall. It is actually the slimmest and smallest available on the market according to the manufacturer. At about half the size of other competing models, you can easily fit it in one of your silverware drawer. It is 802.11bgn wireless compatible at 2.4GHz only and you need internet access for some of the functions to work. You need the Android version 4.4 or later and iOS 8.0 or later to use the Bluetooth functionality of this sous vide.

This high end sous vide heats up the water in the vessel very fast with the 1100W motor, in fact faster than all the other immersion circulators and holding the temp precisely. There is a “Visual Doneness” feature on the Joule application that shows you how your meal will turn out before you press the Start button. So you can be certain you will get the results you want consistently. The vessel you’ll put the sous vide in must have 8 inches deep water at the maximum and 1.5 inches deep at the minimum. With the Bluetooth Smart 4.0 technology you can cook from anywhere through the Joule app on your phone or tablet.

Please note that this sous vide is designed for use in North America with the 120V outlets only. There is precise heating technology on this high-end sous vide and you should not use converters or voltage transformers with this sous vide cooker. And if you intend to use it outside North America please be aware that your warranty will be voided. The stainless steel base and cap are cold-forged from stainless steel to offer a longer life and is resistant to corrosion. You’ll find more than 100 chef-tested custom-developed recipes by Breville’s chefs. WiFi and Bluetooth functionality means you can control the device remotely with your wireless internet connection or cook with Bluetooth.

Breville Joule Sous Vide Stainless Steel

You won’t need other equipment or appliances to use the Breville Joule. The temperature of your food is precise to 0.1°C or 0.2°F and there is never any guess work. You can attach this sous vide device to pretty much all the containers thanks to its flexible clip and the magnetic base. Joule can even be controlled with your own voice using the Joule Alexa skill via Amazon Alexa. The maximum bath volume in the vessel is 40+ liters or 10+ gallons and the max water temp is 208°F. As long as you keep the Joule Sous Vide to your wireless at home it will stay connected to work with the app.

It will be nice to have the device cook your meal when you’re at work or somewhere out of the house. White Breville Joule weighs 1.28 pounds and measures 13 x 4 x 4.1 inches. You can cook as many steaks, salmon or chicken breasts with this Joule, depending on how large is the container as it is capable of heating up to 40 liters of water in a well-insulated container. How many pieces of bags you have in that water will not affect the total cooking time. Joule can be controlled from multiple phones or devices as long as it is connected to home WiFi network. But with Bluetooth you can only have one tablet or phone connected at once. Ziploc bags or vacuum sealed bags are all fine to use with this sous vide cooker. Please note that Breville Joule works only with an external smart device- phone or tablet. It is not a plug and play type sous vide but the app is very easy to use.

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