Yakey 1400W Portable Front Load Laundry Dryer w/ 9 lbs Capacity, GYJ40 Review

yakey 1400w portable dryer 9lbs capacity

Yakey 1400W Portable Front Load Dryer White Yakey GYJ40 by QCen is an electric, portable and compact front loading tumble laundry dryer with a freestanding design, 1400-watt power and 9lbs (2.6 cubic feet) capacity, a stainless steel inner drum and an LCD-backlit control panel with 4 different drying modes you can choose from. White Yakey … Read more

COSTWAY 13lb 1500W Compact Laundry Tumble Dryer, 23047-EPCY Review

COSTWAY 13LBS Compact Laundry Tumble Dryer

COSTWAY 13lb. 1500W Tumble Dryer, 23047-EPCY White COSTWAY 23047-EPCY is a 13 lb. capacity compact, portable, stable, versatile, front loading laundry/clothes tumble dryer with a 1500-watt drying power, 3.2 cubic feet volume and an easy to use control panel. You can use this 13 lb. clothes capacity dryer in different settings, including RVs, dorms, flats … Read more