Chefman Multi-tier Food Dehydrator, RJ43-SQ-6T Review

Chefman Food Dehydrator Machine

Chefman Food Dehydrator Machine

Chefman RJ43-SQ-6T is a hot new release, easy to operate, and modern food dehydrator and preserver with multiple tiers, a sturdy build, and an innovative design at an affordable price. You can dry fruits and veggies, sun-dried tomatoes, sweet potatoes, kale, banana and kiwi chips, herbs, flowers, make fruit leather, meat and beef jerky, and more.

It has a see-through window and six drying racks that slide out easily.  A total of 19 customers commented on the Chefman Dehydrator so far and the average rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars at the time of this review as a number one new release in dehydrators, which is an indication of great customer satisfaction. There are a total of six large BPA- free solid plastic trays that measure 13 x 12 inches each and that you can remove or adjust easily.

Dehydrating foods in this unit will cost you much less than buying dried snacks at supermarkets. And what you make at home is a lot healthier, being free of preservatives or any chemicals of store-bought dried foods. You have quite a bit of space inside on six trays and you can make a lot in one go, which also makes it economical. You can preset or adjust the time up to 19.5 hours and the temperatures between 95 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

It will shut off automatically at the end of the 19.5 hours. The fan is at the rear and the airflow inside is maximized and distributed evenly on all your ingredients, resulting in great tasting evenly dried snacks. You don’t have to open the door while the dehydration is in progress as you can see everythingChefman Food Dehydrator Preserver through the transparent door. It weighs 15.3 pounds and measures 13.6 x 17.5 x 12.4 inches and being lightweight you can move it easily.

And you can comfortably use it in your kitchen countertop as it won’t heat it up as it is reported to be fine even on a plastic table. You don’t need to use dehydrator sheets on this one as nothing will easily stick on the trays. But you’ll get an insert mat for smaller items like nuts or small fruits and they won’t fall through the holes. You do not need to rotate the trays in the middle like you would in some models.

It runs very quietly and you can leave it on at night to do the job as it won’t disturb you or people sleeping in the house. Chefman Food Dehydrator is easy on the eyes, easy to operate, spacious with a bit of space between the six trays, runs with very little noise, and is offered at a reasonable price. It comes with a one-year hassle-free warranty with a decent customer support and a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product for whatever reason (no questions asked). You’ll have access to lots of recipes and video tutorials through the Club Chefman online.

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