Cloud Mountain Countertop Portable Ice Maker, CM2056 Review

Cloud Mountain Countertop Ice Maker, CM2056

cloud mountain ice maker

Silver Cloud Mountain CM2056 is a countertop style portable electric ice maker machine with a standard 26 lb. ice making capacity per 24 hours. This is equal to roughly 9 ice cubes every 6 minutes. It comes with a removable ice basket and an ice scoop for you to get or transfer the ice to your fridge freezer.

The ice cubes it makes will melt gradually into the reservoir for making more ice after the basket is full. There is no built-in freezer functionality in this compact unit. The insulated storage bin can hold up to 1.5 pounds of ice at once. It comes with the modern 21g R600a refrigerant that will help make ice cubes quickly and quietly and the only noise you’ll hear is the ice dropping into the box every 6 minutes or so.

This compact and portable ice maker will save you from having to deal with the ice trays of the fridges. You can use it wherever you find a standard US power outlet. You’ll need to put the water in yourself and it doesn’t need a drain line or a water line. It is suitable for use at home in your kitchen, living room, small office kitchen, boats, bars, restaurants, when you go camping or picnic or have outdoor parties in your backyard. It has a transparent window at the top for monitoring and checking the ice making.

The light indicator on the panel will tell you when the reservoir is running out of water. So you can add more water if you want to continue making ice. The lights will also tell you when the ice making is done and your ice bin is full. You can select from two different ice cube sizes- Small or Large for wherever you wish to use them. The Cloud Mountain Countertop Ice Machine2-liter capacity of the water reservoir will help reduce waste and improve your efficiency. Any melted ice will get filtered and reused by the ice maker in the next cycle.

You need to use fresh and pure, filtered water to get better tasting ice with a better texture, rather than water from the tap. The ice maker itself is made with the food-grade materials too and you can have a peace of mind about that. Their customer and technical support teams are available for helping you out if you encounter any issues. You don’t need to stop the ice making process while it is in operation, thanks to its see-through design.

It makes bullet shaped ice cubes that are hollow in the center, which will make them melt easier into your cold drinks. You can clean the machine very easily by using warm water and a bit of soap/detergent and the draining out this mixture through the drain cap at the front bottom. The ice maker is quite easy on the eyes with its stylish and modern design. It can be a great little investment for you and your family to have fresh and great tasting ice whenever you want. For what you’re getting at the low price point in terms of good looks, build quality and functionality, it is a bit hard to beat. You won’t need to keep going to the store for getting ice and you’ll be saving money, time and effort. It works well and makes ice quickly as promised by the company. It comes with a worry-free warranty of one year by the manufacturer.

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