COSTWAY 1700W 13.2 lb. Electric Portable Clothes Dryer, 24458-EPCY Review

COSTWAY 1700W 13.2 lb. Portable Clothes Dryer

COSTWAY 1700W Electric Portable Clothes Dryer

White COSTWAY 24458-EPCY is an electric portable clothes dryer with 1700-watt power (120V / 60Hz) and a 13.2-pound capacity. The average customer rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars by 7 users on the day of this post release. It is currently one of the best selling number one new releases in clothes dryers at

It is a front load style compact tumble laundry dryer with a stainless steel tub. There is an easy to operate control panel at the bottom on the right hand side. You can select from different drying modes. The CostWay Dryer has an ample capacity of 3.22 cubic feet that can accommodate a load of 13.2 pounds for a few people in the house. The PTC element inside with the 1700W power motor will form a consistently strong warm air flow around your clothes in the inner drum.

You will be able to take advantage of the stable drying performance at a relatively low noise level. You have the forward and reverse tumble action in the large diameter stainless steel tumble. The S-shaped device inside ensures easy rotation, helps get rid of wrinkles, prevents tangling and restores the fluffy fabric in warm heat. The 4-layers intake and the exhaust filter are easy to clean and work efficiently. It shuts off automatically and helps save on your energy bills.

The silent tumbling lets you run this dryer during your sleep without disturbing you or whatever you’re doing around the house. The noise level between 58 and 62 decibels is pretty good for a powerful tumble dryer. Multiple filtering of exhaust filter, lint filter and exhaust vent shroud helps block floating stuff and cotton floss. You can remove it and wipe with a soft brush. Smart program on the control panel is adjusted according to the quantity of clothing and the material. It is easy to operate even for the elderly.

COSTWAY 1700W Electric Portable Clothes Dryer 13.2 lb.

The special airing function on this dryer will get rid of certain smells and will offer you kind of a second cleaning effect. You have the “140”, “104” and “airing” options only for the 1-hour duration. There is no separate timer on the control panel. You can choose an intelligent program and stop it whenever you want. And you can add more clothes half way into the drying. The intelligent controls work well and the dryer works without dramas, efficiently drying your laundry.

White Costway Portable Dryer weighs just 60.6 pounds and measures 23.5L x 20W x 27.5H inches. It is suitable for use in smaller (or larger) apartments, houses or dorm rooms. You can mount it on a wall, or put it on the floor. It is a ventless dryer that doesn’t need to be ducked out of a window. It is suitable for use with all the household sockets in the US. The drum size is not the biggest and the clothes do not move around a lot and you may get a bit of wrinkles. The dryer itself is not too big or too small but can hold quite a bit. But this shouldn’t be a big trouble considering how well it dries your clothes. The drying performance is very good.

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