COSTWAY Full Size 6.1 CU. FT Single-Tap Kegerator, 23603-CYPE Review

CostWay Full Size 6.1 Cu. Ft. Single-Tap Kegerator

COSTWAY 23603-CYPE Full Size 6.1 CU. FT Single-Tap Kegerator

Gray and black CostWay 23603-CYPE is a number one best seller 6.1 cubic feet capacity full size single tap kegerator and keg beer cooler fridge and draft beer dispenser with a R600a compressor, CO2 regulator and caster wheels. You can enjoy your cold and tasty glasses of beer from this keg cooler beer dispenser at your gatherings and parties with friends.

6.1 interior cubic feet capacity is equal to 170 liters and can hold half, sixth, quarter and slim quarter kegs. It can also be used as a standard compact fridge for extra storage space when not needed as a keg beer cooler. It has a stainless steel front, weighs 84 pounds and measures 21.5L x 25.5W x 50.5H inches (the height includes the tower). You can move it easily on its 4 caster wheels from kitchen to backyard or wherever you want in the house. It can be great in the backyards, man caves or recreation rooms.

There are three settings for the temperature, minimum, medium and maximum. It has a modern, efficient and ecologically friendly compressor cooler (120V, 60Hz) for great cooling performance. The recommended setting is Medium in most cases for this beer cooler kegerator, for a temperature range of 34-38 degrees Fahrenheit (1-3 degrees Celsius). You can adjust the temperature depending on your needs. There is a detachable integrated drip tray with grill with a smart design for collecting the spillage and that makes it easier to clean.

Your glasses and mugs will not slide off thanks to the guard rail at the top. It will not use much electricity and is free of CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) as a modern cooler that is friendly to the environment. The beer dispensing is easy from the spring loaded tap. It can’t hold a full-size keg, but a 15.5 gallon size half barrel kegs. COSTWAY Full Size 6.1 CU. FT Single-Tap Kegerator Beer CoolerCoors Light and Miller Lite half kegs fit comfortably in this one with some extra space left. You get pretty much anything you need in the package, but you need to get the CO2 bottle filled as it includes an empty cylinder.

2 lb. CO2 bottle is included and you may want to get a 5 lb. size bottle to avoid making trips to get the bottle filled. You can’t install the CO2 tank outside the cooler. It runs quietly and you hear nothing other than some humming when the compressor is on. You can remove the tower if you want to use it as a built-in cooler under the counter. If the nozzle freezes when you’re not using it every day, just wrap a hot cloth around it for a couple of minutes. In the package you will get the keg beer cooler, CO2 regulator, an empty CO2 canister, a keg coupler, a drip tray, a guard rail, a dispenser tower, a faucet knob, a hole plug, a retaining strap and 4 caster and washers.

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