Daneli Olympic 45lb. 7.2-Feet Long Weightlifting Barbell, with 700lb, 1,000lb & 1,500lb Capacity Review

Daneli Olympic Weightlifting 45lb. Barbell 

Daneli Olympic Weightlifting Barbell

Daneli Olympic Barbell is a solid 45-pound multi-purpose iron bar with a diamond knurl pattern and hard chrome finish shaft and sleeves for powerlifting and weightlifting. There is a single 5-star rating at the moment as it was released by New Wave Co. only quite recently on March 13, 2021, but seems to be popular among barbells at Amazon.com.

Daneli Olympic Barbell is 7.2 feet long and fits the 2-inch weight plates and offered in three different weight capacities of 700, 1000 and 1500 pounds with the 1000lb at 20 dollars more and the 1500lb version at 70USD more at the time of this post release. This Olympic barbell weighs 45 pounds and measures 86.4L x 2W x 2H inches with a 28mm diameter, loadable sleeve length of 16.32 inches, 52″ shaft length and 86.75″ bar length and 2-inch diameter bar sleeves.

You will find the dual knurl marks with the center knurl and the regular diamond pattern knurls. The good quality bronze bearings on these barbells are the lubricating surface between the bar shaft and the bar sleeve for a smooth plate rotation for different high velocity lifts that you can’t really have on the bushing style barbells. These bronze bearing give a superior spin. The barbell is stiff enough for holding for heavy powerlifting and the normal whip when you’re doing Olympic weightlifting.

Daneli Olympic Weightlifting Barbell solid iron

The diamond pattern and the medium depth in the knurl make it a popular option for weight lifters. It can be used in HIIT workouts, Cross Fit training and Olympic style lifts and it will not tear your hands or chest when you’re lifting weights. It is a very good quality barbell (whichever weight capacity you choose) that offers flexibility and functionality to weight lifters.

The price tags for each of the 700lb, 1000lb and 1500lb. versions are quite reasonable for all that you’re getting, which is actually a nicer bar than a lot of bars that are available at the gyms, with a great grip and smooth rotation. It will feel very comfortable when you’re doing your curls, presses, deadlifts, squats and other exercises. It would be a good barbell to have in your home gym or in commercial gym settings and would be suitable for use by weight lifters at different levels. And we are more than happy to recommend it.

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