DNYKER 11lb. Portable Compact Washing Machine w/ Spinner, ‎XWWM-115 Review

DNYKER 11lb. Portable Compact Washer Spinner

DNYKER ‎XWWM-115 Washing Machine with Spinner

DNYKER ‎XWWM-115 is a compact and portable washing machine with an 11-pound capacity, both the washer and spinner functions in the same tub and high efficiency. Being a very recent hot new release washing machine there aren’t many customer reviews online yet. August 19, 2021 is the date it was first available on Amazon.com and is currently in the top 100 best selling washing machines.

With its compact design you can use it in a variety of settings including the condos, apartments, dorms, camping, RVs and more as long as you have the access to a power outlet nearby. The blue and white Dnyker 11lb. Portable Washer weighs 14.33 pounds and measures 14.76L x 15.35W x 22.83H inches and you can move it around easily wherever you wish to use it. It is a stackable washer and dryer with the pulsator and spin tub and a spin cap. You have the drain hose and the power wire at the back.

Dnyker 11lb. Washing Machine is easy and straightforward to operate with the washer and dryer functions. And you just put your clothes in the tub and adjust the time to what you want and let it to the job. You will not need to wash your clothes by hand or get to the laundromat each time. It will save you plenty of money, time and effort. With the 220-watt washing power and 220-watt spinning power it is ideal for washing your smaller loads like shirts, shorts, underwear, workout clothes, silk items and fine fabrics. And it is quite efficient for a compact and portable washing machine and offers you decent performance overall.

DNYKER ‎XWWM-115 Washer Spinner

With a special water saving design it will save you more money over time. As a large capacity mini washer spinner, it is capable of holding up to 11 pounds of clothes in its washing and spinning tub. With its user friendly design, you have the freedom and flexibility to adjust both the washing and spinning time through the knobs that you see in the product photo. You have the transparent lid at the top that allows you to monitor the washing and spinning progress and see what’s going on. If you live in a small apartment with not much space it may work for you as a nice, economical choice. With the 110V of voltage and 60Hz of frequency it can be plugged into standard power outlets. And at the current price level we are happy to recommend it to those in need of a compact washer and spinner in one.

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