Dreamiracle Countertop 33lbs. Ice Maker Machine, IM2200-UL Review

Dreamiracle Countertop 33lbs. Ice Maker 

Dreamiracle Ice Maker Machine 33lbs

Dreamiracle IM2200-UL is a compact, countertop style, advanced pebble ice maker machine with a 33 pounds of daily capacity and a 3-layer foaming technology. It gets 9 solid ice cubes ready within just 7 to 10 minute, has a 2.8-liter water tank and comes with an ice basket and scoop.

With a powerful and efficient compressor with a 26g R600a refrigerant it does the job well and runs quietly. It cools quickly and consuming less energy thanks to its 3-layer exterior of thickened stainless steel panel, food grade PP and 19MNM ternary foaming layer. Stainless steel is more durable with a much longer service life than plastic. There will be no traces on the surface with the anti-fingerprint technology.

The ice bin can has 120 pieces of ice cubes for a total of 3.3 pounds. The compressor and refrigeration is stable and runs efficiently with the high heat conduction evaporator and copper-aluminum finned condenser. And it has 4 heat dissipation places- cooling fans with the advanced exhaust cooling function. The ice cubes it makes are bullet shaped, clear and chewable. This modern ice maker with a 130-watt power compressor (120V AC 60HZ) will save you on your energy bills as it consumes less electricity. With the automatic self-cleaning function on this ice maker it will save you on time and effort.

You can choose from two sizes of ice, of small and large and this bullet shaped ice cubes it makes do not melt easily, they are smooth and will not hurt your mouth. You can use this ice maker in your home kitchen and it can have a permanent place on your kitchen counter with its beautiful design and appearance. It will also be good for your barbecues, backyard or home parties, in your bar at home or in coffee shops, restaurants, RVs, boats etc. It has the Ice Full and Add Water indicators and will stop automatically when the basket is full or when you need to put more water in, thanks to the infrared sensor and there will be no leaking.

Dreamiracle Ice Maker Machine

Dreamiracle Ice Maker weighs 24 pounds and measures 16.5 x 15.3 x 9.6 inches. It has a see-through window at the top that you can view the ice making process without opening the lid. It is very easy to operate as you put some water in, press the On button and wait for your ice cubes. The noise level is 45 decibels and you’ll only hear anything when the ice cubes are being dropped into the ice bin.

Main materials used on this great quality ice make is SUS 430 stainless steel and PP. The ice machine cools down quickly with its rear cooling system. The ice basket is removable and you can lift it straight up but you do need to put it back in before starting to make the next batch of ice. Or the ice cubes will go directly into the water reservoir. It is shipped swiftly via Amazon.com and you should be able to get it at your address within a few days. Dreamiracle has been in the household appliances industry for over 15 years. The warranty is one year by the manufacturer, along with a 45-day return policy.

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