Easoger 10×10ft Large Beach Canopy, 6.5ft Tall Windproof Beach Tent Review

Easoger 10×10ft Large Beach Canopy

Easoger 10×10ft Large Beach Canopy

Easoger 10×10ft Large Beach Canopy is made up of a 6.5 feet tall windproof beach tent with 4 poles and 8 sandbags. This UPF50+ outdoor beach shade canopy is easy to assemble and comes with the three sand shovels and a portable travel bag for easy transport. 

Your color options are navy blue and turquoise at the same price tag at the time of this short review. The fabric used is lycra and it has an aluminum frame. With a 10 x 10 x 6.5 feet size this large, family size beach canopy offers up to 10㎡ of shaded area for 8 people on the beach or outdoor picnics. With the 4 strengthened aluminium poles and 8 large sandbags it offers great windproof stability that is better than 80% of the beach tents out there on the market. 

With the UPF 50+ reliable sun protection effect, more than 96% of the harmful UV rays for offering sunburn protection to your skin. The beach shade canopy is just 7 pounds when you carry it in the solid nylon travel bag included- it is lightweight and portable. You can move it around easily to the patio, grass, campsite or beach to benefit from its shade. And it has the 1mm thicker aluminum poles than the similar products on the market with an average of 0.06mm.

It is quite easy to install with friends by following the four easy steps with its three extra sand shovels and you can complete the task in about ten minutes. Please bury the poles and the sandbags a bit deeper if you’re worried it may collapse. The fabric used is the very elastic lycra which is resistant to wear and tear and will resist strong pulling includingEasoger 10×10ft Large Beach Canopy 6.5ft Tall 6 gusts of wind thanks to its stretchy and solid nature. And you can expect a service life of at least to to three years. 

When determining the 96% UV reduction value, the manufacturer compared the UV values under direct sunlight and beach canopy. If you have any difficulties with the assembly please ask for an installation diagram which is detailed and easy to understand. 8 sandbags make it more stable and windproof than 4 sandbags that you may see on other models. The warranty offered is one year by the manufacturer and you can contact the customer service team in case of any problems or questions. April 25, 2022 is the date this great beach canopy was first available and is ranked the 26th best selling camping sun shelter on Amazon.com. 

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