EcoTouch Built-in Smoothtop Vitro Ceramic Surface Electric Induction Cooktop with Booster Burner, INDH302B and INDH604B Review

EcoTouch Vitro Ceramic Surface Induction Cooktop 

Induction Cooktop, ECOTOUCH 4 Burners

Black EcoTouch INDH302B and INDH604B are sleek and modern, built-in electric induction cooktops with the smooth vitro ceramic surfaces and booster burners. The INDH302B is 12 inches wide with 2 burners, and the INDH604B is 24 inches with 4 burners.

EcoTouch Induction Cooker, being a brand new release product it doesn’t have many customer reviews and ratings online yet. Whichever EcoTouch Induction Cooktop you choose, it is easy on the eyes with a sleek black finish and is suitable for most kitchen countertops. The scratch-resistant and durable smoothtop vitro ceramic surface is very easy to clean and will save on space on your counter. Both are rather powerful induction cooktops.

There are two cooking zones on the 2-burner model, one with 1500W (max) and the other with 2200W (max)- 208~240V/60Hz. And you’ll find 4 cooking zones of 2 x 1500W (max), a 2000W (max) and a 2200W (max). The even generation and distribution of heat on the cookware is ensured by the electricity being converted into precise magnetic field. EcoTouch Induction Cooker offers energy efficiency and quick heating without any extra heat radiation or any flame. It is much easier to heat up a ceramic surface.

With the booster function you won’t have to wait long when you need your water to boil or when making a stir fry. There are 9 power settings by the sensor touch controls to achieve precise heating consistently. You have different dedicated heating for different purposes like simmering to boiling. You’ll find direct power level buttons on the intuitive LED large screen control panel for you to adjust the heat instantly and get a direct response. Heat is actually directly generated in your cookware with instant heat up and cool down and not on the surface, which stays cool at all times.

As an ETL certified cooktop it includes a few security features like the overheating protection, auto pan detection, automatic switch-off, child lock, 1 to 99min timer in 1 min increments to avoid overcooking, residual heat indicator, no gas leaking risk, and no flame. You’ll get a 12AWG 4 feet long power cord fixed to the cooktop and an instructions manual. Induction cooking is roughly 70% more efficient than gas cooking and lets you adjust the temperature between very low and very high heats for a variety of cooking tasks.

The EcoTouch INDH302B weighs 11.5 pounds, measures 11.6 x 20.08 x 2.3 inches with the cut-out dimensions of 10.6 x 19.2 inches. The 4-burner INDH604B model weighs 22 pounds, measures 20.47 x 23.23 x 2.36 inches ecotouch 2 burner cooktopwith the cut out size of 19.29 x 22.05 inches. You can cook different dishes simultaneously for a big family or when you have guests over. As you can select the specific power levels directly and the timer will help prevent overcooking or burning.

Please try and use only cookware with magnetic bottoms on the induction cooktop. You can just test to see if a magnet sticks to the bottom of your pot. And you need to connect the cooktop to a good earth wiring system. If you press the Lock button when the cooktop is running, you’ll see “Lo” on the display panel and this locks the panel and there won’t be any accidental switching. This built-in cooktop can also be used as a table top cooker as it comes with the rubber feet.

There is no heat generated beneath the ceramic surface, but directly on the cookware and then this heats up the ceramic surface top. Please note that this induction cooktop does not work on 110V, but on 220V line or outlet. 2 x 110V can be combined to make a 220V circuit by an electrician. Maximum power output is 3500 watts on the 2-burner model and 7000 watts on the 4-burner model and this is shared by the number of burners when you’re cooking many meals at once. They offer one year comprehensive warranty and a professional customer support for when you have questions or need any assistance. You’re getting a very good quality unit at a very reasonable price: Overall very good value for money.

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