EdgeStar CBR1501SSOD 24-inch Wide 142-can Built-in Outdoor Beverage Cooler Review

EdgeStar CBR1501SSOD 142-can Outdoor Beverage Cooler

EdgeStar CBR1501SSOD 24 Inch Wide 142 Can

Stainless steel EdgeStar CBR1501SSOD is a 24″ wide and 5.49 cubic feet capacity outdoor beverage fridge that can be used as both built-in and freestanding with a powerful compressor and a 142 can capacity of 12 ounce cans.

Unlike other beverage cooler models that we reviewed so far, this one is approved for outdoor use, that makes it unique. And you may choose to get the CBR1501SLD indoor use version at a lower price on Amazon.com via the links on this page.

The interior temperature can be adjusted between 38 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. You have the stainless steel reversible door that you can choose to open from the left or the right, three strong glass shelves and a factory installed lock. It is an automatic defrost model with an integrated carbon filter. Your drinks will be cooled quickly and ready to drink at all times for you and your friends.

You can fit in up to 142 x standard sized- 12 ounce cans in your game room, kitchen, bar, garage, outdoor kitchen or backyard. The bottom shelf below the glass can be used for your wine bottles. It is a fan circulated unit with a powerful and efficient compressor (120 W/1.1 A,  115 V/60 Hz) that doesn’t create any cold spots that you may have seen with the cold plate cooling models.

With a 24-inch width it will fit under the average under-counter spaces. EdgeStar Beverage Cooler has a sleek, solid and modern stainless steel door with great insulation to help keep your beverages cold. It is a very well constructed and rather sturdy fridge that weighs 97 pounds and measures 33.5 x 23.5 x 22.5 inchesedgestar fridge mini energy guidewithout the handle and 33.5 x 23.5 x 24.75 inches with the handle.

You can also add more wine bottles by removing a shelf or two and by laying the bottles down. It is completely encased in stainless steel that also looks beautiful. The interior blue light is also pretty cool. And you’ll be OK with the rain and sun and maintains the temperatures well even in extreme heat. It is best if you do not leave it out in the rain though, just in case.

Please note that there is no power on/off switch that you can access through the front of this fridge.  It is not a noisy fridge and you won’t hear anything outside, and only a little inside if not covered by a cabinet around it. Negative reviews were about the temperature fluctuations of around minus and plus 4 degrees, but the drinks were still kept cool.  For delivery you need to give the seller your phone number when you put your order through. And the fridge can only be delivered curbside and they will not bring it inside.

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