EdgeStar IB120SS Built in Ice Maker, 12 lbs, Stainless Steel and Black Review

EdgeStar IB120SS 12 lb. Built-in Ice Maker

EdgeStar IB120SS Built in Ice Maker

Stainless steel and black EdgeStar IB120SS is a 12-pound capacity built-in ice maker with front ventilation that makes it suitable also for standalone use. It is reviewed by 293 customers as one of the best selling new release built-in ice makers at Amazon.com.

With a 25.25 inches height it meets the ADA height requirements. It weighs 54 pounds and  has the measurements of 25.25H x 15W x 18.5D inches and will fit under the most counters. The water line connection and an ice scoop are included in the box. The door is conveniently reversible to be opened from the right or the left.

There is an On/Off power button and the automatic shut-off function when the bin is full of ice. It is easy to install without any additional costs to you. The daily ice production capacity is 12 pounds per day and it can store 6 pounds as it also acts as a freezer that will keep your ice frozen. The ice it makes will last much longer and a permanent drain line is not needed with this unit. You can use it comfortably in your home kitchen, office, boat, RVs, wet bars and wherever you see fit.

It comes with a stainless steel door on its black body and will fit any kitchen or home decor. You’ll get 12 pounds of good quality crescent shaped ice each day. The size and shape of the crescent ice cubes are standard and you don’t have an option for changing it. It has a premium look and feel and offers the performance level of the ice makers that cost much more. The reason for no need for a drain is that the ice will not melt. It is just like the ice production in a fridge, but at a much higher speed.

There is no melting or recycling of ice in this unit with the built-in freezer. The ice produced will go into the removable plastic bin and the machine will stop producing. It can produce two full bins of ice EdgeStar IB120SS Built in Ice Maker 12 lbeach day if the fridge is indoors, and it will make about one full bin if it is outdoor. Once the bucket is full it won’t continue making ice, will be stopped by the arm. A single bucket has a 6 lb. capacity. And the arm is released as you remove the ice bucket.

There is no need for draining and you just need to do it when you defrost it manually. You will need to defrost it every few months or so. You can use it outdoors but there will more temperature fluctuations and their warranty applies only to indoor installations. You can purchase the replacement bin- Edge Star IB120IB from an authorized retailer. When you first get it installed you should run it to make the first batch of ice and throw them out after three hours and wash the bin. You can start making ice straight away after a quick and inexpensive installation by a licensed plumber. And it is strongly recommended by the manufacturer that you do it with a licensed pro. They offer good customer support in case you run into problems. They will either repair or replace the product if it is product fault, defective etc.

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