EKON NAB Series Built-in or Insert Kitchen Range Hoods, NAB01-30″ and NAB02-30″ Review

EKON NAB Series Built-in, Insert Kitchen Range Hoods

EKON Built-in Or Insert Kitchen Range Hood NAB02-30

EKON NAB01-30″ and NAB02-30″ are high quality stainless steel, built-in or insert kitchen range hoods with touch panel LCD display and remote control. The NAB01-30″ model has the two 3W LED lamps on the front corners and 900CFM baffle filters, just like the NAB02-30″.

It doesn’t come with an LCD digital display unlike the NAB02, but with touch buttons on the control panel. Both models are currently two of the best selling number one release range hoods at Amazon.com. The 4-speed soft touch digital switch control is conveniently available on both models. You have the good balance fans included with the 900CFM large airflow. There is a 6″ size round exhaust duct vent just on top of the Ekon Range Hood.

The NAB02-30″ model has the 19-gauge 1mm thickness brushed stainless steel and all the other features on the NAB01 model. And you will get a 6″ diameter plastic air outlet included with the 6″ round exhaust duct vent on top. The 900 cubic feet capacity very efficient Ekon Range Hood weighs 26.9 pounds and measures 27.7 x 11.8 x 11.4 inches. The noise level is specified at 65 decibels when the fan is running at the maximum level.

They have the 900 CFM airflow displacement, 240-watt power and 120 Volts of voltage and 60Hz of frequency, making them safe for use in North America. The timer can be adjusted between 1 and 15 minutes. The 240W power motor is ultra quiet and runs at a noise level of 35 decibels at the low level and 65 decibels at the highest level. Please note that there is no dimming option for the LED lights and you have them pretty bright.

The touch display is quite responsive and there is no button noise. They are industrial grade robust and heavy-duty stainless steel range hoods with the powerful fans. And you probably will not need to use the fans at levels 3 or EKON NAB01-30 inch built-in range hood4 when you’re cooking. The workmanship seems to be very good quality and the range hoods have the modern and innovative designs.

They have a sturdy construction and are easy on the eyes. Remote control doesn’t have a very high range and you need to stand pretty close to the range hood to make it work. As the ETL and CETL certified range hoods they conform to safety standards in the US and Canada and are very safe to use. Warranty offered is 5 years for the LED lamps and switch control and 10 years for the motor by the manufacturer.

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