ENGiNDOT Portable Mini 11lb Washer, 6.6lb Spin Dryer & 1700rpm High Speed Review

ENGiNDOT Portable Mini 11lb Washer, 6.6lb Spin Dryer

engindot portable 11lb washer 6lb spinner

ENGiNDOT EWM35 is a mini portable washing machine and spin dryer combo with a 17.6lb total capacity- 11lb wash and 6.6lb spin cycle. This number one new release portable clothes washer and spinner first became available on October 13, 2021 on Amazon.com and is currently ranked the 19th best selling portable washing machine. 

White and grey Engindot Washing Machine is compact and portable, weighing 28 pounds and measuring 24.8L x 15.7W x 28.7H inches. It is a compact twin tub washer spinner with a top loading design, two independent motors of 410-watt motor with the 1700rpm high speed and soak function for use in small apartment bathrooms, dorm rooms, RVs, boats or on your travels. The twin tub design on this washing machine offers you a separate design of washing and spin drying. There are 3 knobs for soak/wash timer, wash selector and spin timer.

With the 410 watts of power (300W for washing and 110W for drying) and 110V (AC) of voltage it can be plugged into the standard US power outlets. It is an energy efficient mini washing machine that will not be a burden on your energy bills. The noise level is specified as 58 decibels and it works relatively quietly for a washing machine. It is quite easy to operate with the 3 functional knobs, and economical- energy and water efficient and will save you from washing your clothes by hand or going down to not so cheap laundromats each time you travel. You can choose how much water you’ll put in depending on the amount of your clothes and you can have less water for smaller loads.

ENGiNDOT Portable Washing Machine 3 Knobs

Engindot Portable Clothes Washer and Spinner has two solid plastic tubs with a decent capacity washing and spin drying load capacity. It has the ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) + PP (‎Polypropylene) cover that is resistant to corrosion and moisture proof. The advantage of the solid plastic used on the exterior and interior of the washer is there won’t be any rusting problem. There is a removable lint filter for catching the lint, hair or other stuff that is generated during washing to not block the drain hose. In the package you’ll get the Engindot Twin Tub Washing Machine, an inlet hose and clamp, a drain hose, a spin safety cap and a user manual. 

Please ensure you balance your washing load and press the spin cap evenly to prevent any extra noise. You can choose from two wash modes of Normal or Soft with the normal mode running at 1700rpm high speed to be able to wash your clothes like jeans, pants, socks, t-shirts thoroughly and the soft mode for your more delicate items like undies or 100% wool garments. And for deep cleaning you have the option to get warm water in at 122 degrees Fahrenheit maximum and set the soak time. A spin cycle lasts for 5 mins and will get your clothes ready for hanging or drying faster in the dryer. It will offer you great washing and spinning results by running smoothly and powerfully. And you get a decent customer support which you can contact for any problems you may have and they will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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