ER KANG Elliptical Machine Trainer with Magnetic Resistance Review

ER KANG Magnetic Elliptical Trainer  

ER KANG Elliptical Machine Trainer

Black ER KANG Elliptical Trainer is a sleek and modern whole body cardiovascular fitness product for indoor home use with a comfortable seat, a smart digital display, the pulse rate grips and 8 levels of magnetic resistance.

The average customer rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars by 7 happy users at the moment for this number one hot new release elliptical trainer. It runs smoothly and quietly with the bi-directional 15-pound magnetic flywheel and the 7-slot wear-resistant belt. You can work out comfortably without disturbing your neighbors or people in the house. The good size magnetic flywheel offers smooth resistance when you’re working out and you can walk, jog or run in both forward and reverse directions.

The 7-slot wear-resistant belt causes little contact or friction between the belt and the belt pulley and you can exercise smoothly and quietly. It works at a noise level of less than 40 decibels. The seat is adjustable 4-ways, vertically and horizontally to accommodate the users of different sizes and heights and let them exercise comfortably. It has the anti-slip foot pedals with the textured, grained surface to prevent slipping. You also have the big step distance with the large 13-inch strides for a more comfy workout and less burden on your knees or joints.

ER KANG Elliptical Trainer 8 levels

The total user weight capacity is 280 pounds which should a great percentage of adults. There is even a large LCD display with the indicators of time exercised, current speed, distance traveled, calories burned, mileage and heart rate through the sensors on the fixed handlebars in the middle. You can spin these middle handlebars up to 120 degrees when you want to monitor your heart rate to try and stay in your target heart rate zone.

This Er Kang Elliptical is a high quality fitness equipment with a sturdy and robust construction, functionality and versatility, and at an affordable price for what it is. It requires some assembly and you will get the installation diagram and the tools you need. You will also find the extra phone/tablet holder in the box. In case of any issues you can contact their customer service team and they will be happy to assist you. The saddle is conveniently removable and you can choose to sit like on a bike or stand in the elliptical form. You have as much challenge as you want on this compact elliptical trainer with the 8 real levels of resistance. It is a mid-range elliptical and we’re happy to recommend it to beginner and intermediate users.

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