Euhomy RF-S Compact 3.2 Cu.Ft 2-Door Upright Fridge Freezer Review

Euhomy RF-S 3.2 Cu.Ft 2-Door Fridge Freezer

Euhomy Compact Mini 3.2 Cu.Ft 2-Door Upright Fridge Freezer

Euhomy RF-S is a 2-door mini upright fridge with a 3.2 cubic feet total capacity including a 0.96 cu. ft. separate freezer for storing your foods and drinks. As a number one new release in refrigerators category at, it has an average customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars by 46 customers.

Euhomy Mini Fridge is suitable for use in small apartment kitchens, dorm rooms, bars, recreation rooms, offices or wherever you want to put it. It is obviously bigger in size and capacity than a mini fridge. You have decent storage for your drink bottles and cans inside the door, where you can put your large soda bottles or cartons of milk on the right and the cans in the can dispenser on the left. There is a crisper at the bottom with the humidity control to keep your veggies and fruits fresh longer than on upper shelves.

You’ll see the contents of the fridge clearly in the dark thanks to the interior natural LED light. It has the 7-grade temperature adjustment dial to change the temperature when you want. But we recommend the level 2 to 3 as ideal levels for the optimal operation of the fridge, with less burden on the compressor. The door has a convenient reversible design for you to open the door from the left or the right to be used in more restricted spaces. The recessed handles on both doors are easy to use when opening or closing them.

There are leveling legs underneath that you can adjust to keep the fridge stable and prevent any extra noise by the R600a compressor. The main section has two full width glass shelves above the crisper that you can adjust to different heights. They also make the cleaning easier in case of any spilling. You can keep your ice cream, ice and other frozen items in the Euhomy Compact Mini 3.2 Cu.Ft 2-Door Upright Fridge Freezer Interior0.96 cu. ft. Freezer. It is an Energy Star rated fridge and doesn’t use up much electricity and is friendly to the environment. The estimated daily electricity use is only 0.98 kilowatts per day.

Silver and black Euhomy RF-S Mini Fridge weighs 52 pounds and measures 33.07 × 19.7 × 18.9 inches. It is lightweight and compact and fairly easy to move around. Fridge section has a 2.24 cu. ft. capacity and the freezer is 0.96 cu. ft, for a total of 3.2 cubic feet. Fridge is frost-free and the freezer is manual defrost, but you won’t have any problems with the frost. You may just need to defrost it every six months or so. The R600a compressor works efficiently but quietly and you won’t really hear much. This is a good quality dual-door compact fridge with the modern technology and is very much easy on the eyes. And we’re more than happy to recommend it if you’re on the market for a decent mini+ fridge.

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