FDW Sleeper Sectional Futon Corner Sofa Set Review

FDW Sleeper Sectional Futon Corner Sofa Set 

FDW Sleeper Sectional Futon Sofa Bed

FDW Sleeper Sectional Futon Sofa is a modern living room furniture set, a corner sofa with an upholstered contemporary fabric. It is a hot new release corner sofa bed that is offered in two versions of Corner Sofa L(eft) and Corner Sofa R(ight).

You can choose from one of the two orientations to suit the shape of your living room. Please note that the chaise couch is not interchangeable like on some other compact models we reviewed earlier. But you can mix and match the included seats for whatever shape works best for you. And your two color options are grey and blue. It comes in three pieces in two boxes and you can fit them through the door easily and is easy to put together with the tools and instructions included and the parts marked.

You have the firm padding overall and comfy cushioned back on this modern sectional sofa. And you can have a relaxed time while sitting with your family and friends or sleeping on it. It can also be used as a comfortable sofa bed with the bed sitting under the sofa and that you can pull out completely without being FDW Sleeper Sectional Futon Sofaraised. You just pull out the bed under the sofa first, then pull up the mattress and you’re done. It is not a hard work at all.

FDW Sleeper Sectional Futon Sofa weighs 99.2 pounds and measures 108.2 x 75.2 x 34.6 inches as assembled- is also good for both the smaller and larger spaces. It has a longer (75.2-inch) chaise than normal and you have more space to sleep on. You’ll get two matching accent comfortable pillows with dense foam cushions and the nice armrest on the side adds nicely to the design and user friendliness. It is quite easy on the eyes with a beautiful modern design and you’re going to get compliments from your friends.

The fabric on this model is quite nice and you may want to check out the moisture and stain-resistant PU leather version if you want it to be easier to clean. The parts are placed inside the two boxes in the zipped section inside the sofa.Please note that they will ship this sofa by one of the freight companies and the delivery guys will not enter your house and will deliver the item outside the house. If they can not hold of you or if you refuse the item you will get charged 300 dollars and get a refund for the rest because the item will be sent back to the seller. It appears to be a very good value couch for the dollar, with a nice design, well-sewn seams, solid frame and the bolsters that move up and down easily.

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