Galanz 2.7 cu. ft. Compact Fridge, GL27BK Review

Galanz 2.7 cu. ft. Compact Fridge, GL27BK

Galanz 2.7 cubic foot compact fridge

Black Galanz GL27BK is a 2.7 cubic feet capacity modern compact dorm fridge with a compressor cooler and a small separate chiller ice cube chamber. It is currently one of the best selling compact fridges at that is rated 4.6 out of 5 star by 78 customers.

Galanz Compact Fridge weighs 44 pounds and measures 19.69L x 19.13W x 24.69H inches. You’ll find a half-width chiller at the top, two convenient wire shelves that slide out easily in the main section of the fridge and a handy can dispenser and two small shelves inside the door. There are two adjustable leveling legs underneath at the front to keep it even on different grounds. It lets you store quite a lot for how compact it is on the outside.

Please note that the freezer is just a small chiller that works fine but not like a regular fridge freezer that you can have ice cream or other frozen items long-term. The chiller includes a door that moves up and down, not open like in the photos and is only for short term use. It has a compressor with the R600a coolant that doesn’t make much noise during the cycles- is actually quiet enough to have in your dorm room or where you sleep. You can adjust the temperature through the mechanical thermostat inside the fridge.

This is a metal fridge with a magnetic exterior that you can put magnetic stickers on. You can use this fridge with a regular 120V power outlet. You can fit in a gallon of milk bottle if you take out a shelf. The door is conveniently reversible and you can set it up to open from the left or the right. The recommended setting for the mechanical thermostat is 4 and will keep a stable temperature of Galanz 2.7 cubic foot compact dorm refrigeratoraround 38 degrees Fahrenheit consistently. The temperature will be colder, the higher this number is. But this will depend on whether the fridge is empty or if you open and close the door often.

The ice cube tray works well and you’ll get decent ice cubes as long as you keep the fridge and chiller doors shut. The fridge is not too small and not too large and works fine- keeps things cold. You can fit in quite a bit, like your food, snacks, water and beer bottles, some short-term frozen items and whatever you put in your normal fridge. You can’t expect too much in terms of freezer power and capacity and it is not for long term use. The price is cheap and delivers what is promised- a quiet, functional fridge with a chiller, that can fit in small spaces. The packaging tells you what’s inside and you may want to check during your order and ask for it to be hidden. It offers pretty good value for money overall.

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