Galanz Retro Mini Fridge GLR35RDER, GLR44RDER, GLR31RDER Reiview

Galanz Retro Mini Fridge, GLR-RDER

galanz glr35rder retro mini fridge

Galanz Retro Mini Fridge is offered in three different sizes and capacities of 3.5 cubic feet (GLR35RDER), 4.4 cubic feet (GLR44RDER) and 3.1 cubic feet (GLR31RDER). You have three colors to choose from, black, red and blue and you may want to check out the Amazon product page for price differences between these three models.

The 3.5 and 4.4 cubic feet models are available in black and red colors and the 3.1 cubic feet two-door model is available in blue. All three models have the interior lights for viewing the fridge contents easily in the dark and the mechanical thermostat controls that let you adjust the temperature conveniently. They have the efficient compressors and the temperature will go down to what you set it to easily and stay there.

The stainless steel doors are reversible to be opened from the left or the right- left or right hinge and come with the retro style handles. They have the sleek and stylish appearances and the premium gloss finishes, can be used as stand alone or built into the counters. You can use them either in your small kitchen, bar, basement or man cave or wherever you see fit. They have all metal- stainless steel exteriors without any plastic and you’ll find some plastic inside the door etc. like you do in most fridges.

The 3.5 and 4.4 cubic feet models have no freezers and no defrost but a veggie crisper, glass shelves that slide out easily, a can dispenser and the bottle storage. Galanz GLR35RDER weighs 65 pounds and measures 19.2W x 23.3D x 35.3H inches,galanz glr35rder retro compact fridge and the GLR44RDER has a 4.4 cubic feet capacity, weighs 62.6 pounds and measures 24.3 x 21.7 x 35.4 inches. The GLR31TRDER has a 3.1 cubic feet capacity, weighs 67.2 pounds and measures 19.2 x 23.3 x 35.2 inches. It even has a small 0.9 cu ft capacity freezer.

Some people that commented on Amazon seem to have some confusions about the sizes of these fridges and they couldn’t fit them in their available spaces. They have a noise level of 42 decibels when they are doing the cycles. Even though they are small on the outside they offer plenty of space inside. They are quite easy on the eyes with a retro design and have the 50’s charm. They are Energy Star rated coolers that don’t use up much power. These great retro style Galanz fridges are offered with one year of warranty by the manufacturer.

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