GEONEO Indoor Magnetic Spin Bike with Belt Drive & 35 lb. Flywheel Review

GEONEO Indoor Magnetic Belt Driven Spin Bike 

GEONEO Magnetic Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike

GEONEO Magnetic Spin Bike is a stationary indoor cardio  equipment with a large 35 lb. chromed flywheel and belt drive for a quiet and smooth riding experience without leaving the comfort of your home. It is rated a 4.3 out of 5 stars by 16 users on the day of this post release. And the reviews are mostly positive, with small cons pointed out.

You can message the seller through your Amazon order page or their email address. As a customizable spin bike the seat can be adjusted fours ways- up, down, forward and back and the handlebar two ways- up and down, to accommodate users between the heights of 4’1″ and 6’3″. It is a very sturdy and durable bike with a stable triangular structure and a heavy-duty frame. With a total user weight capacity of 330 pounds or 150kg, it is claimed to be more durable than other similar bikes. This means you can sit or stand up and ride and perform rather strenuous workouts and burn calories and fat.

With a good size 35 lb. flywheel and belt drive you will feel more power and a ride that feels like being on a real bike on the road as it mimics a realistic road-bike experience. It is certainly quieter and smoother than a chain driven bike. And it hardly makes any noise and you shall not disturb your neighbors or people in the house or your kids sleeping in the house. The saddle is large and quite soft and the handles are nicely padded and anti-slip for a more comfortable riding. The cage pedals have the foot belts that are adjustable to accommodate different foot sizes. Your feet will stay in place and you will not need to worry about slipping.

GEONEO Magnetic Indoor Stationary Bike

There are floor levelers underneath to keep it even and balanced on different grounds. The LCD monitor comes with 7 functions that include the distance traveled, calories burned, time exercised, current speed, rpm, pulse rate, as well as the ODOmeter. The heart rate reading is pretty accurate, you can stay in your target pulse rate zone to burn calories more efficiently. It has the top-down, easy to operate magnetron resistance system. You can adjust the level of resistance through the tension knob that can also be used as an emergency brake as you push it down.

It will keep you physically and mentally healthy over regular use, especially if combined with a healthy eating plan. You can assemble it easily within 30 minutes to an hour by using the instructions and the tools included with your purchase. You’ll find moving wheels underneath at the front for the bike to be moved easily from room to room, giving you a bit of flexibility. It weighs 83 pounds and measures 41.8L x 21W x 47.2H inches. The seat height can be adjusted between 33.5 and 39.3 inches and the handle height between 41.3 and 47.2 inches. If you feel that the resistance level is too high with the pedals too hard, you can turn the knob clockwise like you’re increasing the resistance 3-4 times, then the pressure on the pedals will get released. It is quite a decent quality bike at a reasonable price and comes with a year of warranty that includes the free replacement of all parts.

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