Hauslane IN-R100 Chef Series 30″ Built-In Stove Hood Range Hood with 6″ Duct Review

Hauslane IN-R100 Chef Series 30″ Built-In Range Hood

Hauslane Chef Series Range Hood R100

Hauslane IN-R100 is a Chef series 30-inch size range hood with a compact, modern design in stainless steel, a built-in recessed stove hood with a 3-speed exhaust fan with light, a 6-inch round duct and dishwasher-safe baffle filter. The average customer rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars by 94 users on the day of this post release.

Hauslane (IN-R100SS-30) Rangehood weighs 29.7 pounds and measures 11.75L x 29.75W x 13H inches and with its timeless recessed design it will blend in nicely with your kitchen decor. You won’t even know it is there till you switch it on and see it sucking away all the smoke, fumes and smells quickly. Cooking fumes are claimed to contain carcinogens that could potentially cause lung cancer over time. It comes with the stainless steel baffle filters that will catch any grease and prevent it from dripping on your walls, floors, countertops and cabinets. And these grease particles will not stain or cause bad odours in your kitchen.

You’ll find GU10 base bright LED lights for using up less electricity and they can be found in any hardware store in your neighborhood. This light will also match the lighting in your kitchen nicely as you can easily choose the color at the store. It is a versatile range hood that fits a 6-inch size round duct and will work well with a ductless kitchen- converts easily. You can just use it with the charcoal filters by the company that you may purchase separately. They trap the grease from smoke and fumes and neutralise any bad odours from cooking. In the package you’ll find the range hood, a 6-inch round duct adapter and a dishwasher-safe baffle filter as components.

Hauslane Chef Series Range Hood R100 30-inch Stove Hood

It is practical, functional, sleek and modern rangehood, stovehood that will help maintain your cooking space clean with its powerful yet quiet ventilation. Like the other range hoods by Hauslane this one also has a powerful 184-watt motor (120V, 1.5amp) with a cutting edge technology and high CFM suction for your different cooking needs. It will work very well with your heavy duty cooking in the kitchen, like steaming, frying, braising, boiling, searing, poaching and sauteing.

The filters are easy to clean and the energy saving LED lights can be changed easily. Noise level is reported to be 1.5 to 3 sones depending on the level you choose. The GU10 base light bulb is 3 watts and has the 2700 Kelvin warm light color temp.  You can email Hauslane on or call them on 800-929-0168 if you need any assistance from the customer service. It is not recommended to be mounted straight into the ceiling but is good for custom hoods. The warranty offered is two years limited by the manufacturer and lifetime for the motor. March 31, 2019 is the date it first became available at and ‘t is currently ranked the 55th best selling range hood at

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