Hodiax U Drive 33LB Countertop Ice Maker Machine, IM-15S Review

Hodiax 33LB Countertop Ice Maker, IM-15S

U Drive Hodiax 33LB Countertop Ice maker

Hodiax IM-15S is a large 33lb. capacity countertop style, stainless steel, electric ice maker machine that gets your ice cubes ready within just 8 minutes or so. You can choose from three ice cube sizes of small, medium and large on its LED-backlit display panel with 4 convenient buttons.

You will get the Hodiax (U Drive) Ice Maker, an ice scoop and a removable ice bucket included in the package. This is a brand new release, best selling ice maker machine without many reviews or ratings out yet. The maximum 33 lb. ice making capacity is for 24 hours. You will get your 9 bullet shaped chewable ice cubes each time, whether you use the small, medium or large size and they will be ready for use in your cold beverages or foods within 8 minutes.

If you don’t remove the ice from the bucket they will soon start melting for more ice making in the next batch as this is not a compressor type ice machine. It comes with a two liter water reservoir that will help you with a steady supply of ice. The digital LED control panel is easy to use with 4 buttons of On/Off, Select, Clock and Timer options. The machine will turn itself off when the ice making is complete. You can conveniently program it to turn on and off automatically.

U Drive Hodiax 33LB Countertop Ice maker ice scoop bucket

Hodiax 33 lb. Ice Maker has the “Ice Full” and “Add Water” indicators that tell you when the bucket is full of ice and when you need to add some water in. It comes with one year of warranty by the manufacturer and you can get a replacement unit when the machine stops working. Hodiax IM-15S is easy on the eyes in stainless steel and with its sleek and modern design and will look fine in any decor.

It runs quietly and efficiently and you will hear a bit of fan noise from the condenser coils and when it is dropping the ice cubes. Judging by the customer reviews, we can’t say it is the quietest ice maker out there. But it is definitely quite a good quality, sturdy and functional ice maker machine that we recommend at this price level. It will fit easily on your kitchen countertop and can have a permanent spot as you’ll probably be using it all the time. You can use it every day at home, in trailers or on camping trips, wherever you have access to a power outlet. Overall you’re getting good value for your money.

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