HOLATO Multi-Purpose Adjustable Foldable Weight Bench Review

HOLATO Multi-Purpose Adjustable Weight Bench

HOLATO Adjustable Weight Bench

HOLATO Adjustable Weight Bench is designed for a whole body workout in your home gym, office or wherever you want. It is an adjustable and foldable, multi-functional strength workout training unit for lifting weights and doing body weight exercises like sit-ups.

The average customer rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 3 users at the moment, being released very recently at Amazon.com. But it appears to be a good quality product with a sturdy and durable construction that includes a premium, heavy-duty thickened steel frame and a triangular structure that can carry up to 550 pounds of total weight.

You can feel safe and stable on it and there won’t be any wobbling or tipping as long as you do not go over the specified total weight limit. It offers a great solid support for different exercises and you can have a peace of mind. It is also reported to be comfortable with the very dense foam padding and the seat that secures your body nicely. Any chance of muscle fatigue is decreased during your sessions.

You can easily adjust the backrest pad on this weight bench to 7 different angles to hit slightly different muscles and for your different workouts. You can work on your shoulders, back, chest, arms- biceps and triceps, abdominals and legs. It is easy to assemble and with a foldable design you can simply fold and relocate it on its front transportation wheels for storage in a convenient spot, like in a corner or under the bed. It will help strengthen and tone different muscles on your body, especially your upper body.

HOLATO Adjustable Foldable Weight Bench

You can use dumbbells and barbells at incline, flat and decline positions and do push-ups or sit-ups by using just your body weight. It is very easy to fold by unplugging the security plug by hand. You have two sets of foam rollers at the front to protect your feet and knees during our workout. The backrest has a nice curve for your lower and upper back and you’ll feel comfortable on the thick and dense foam padding with the leather cover.

Some of the exercises you can do on the Holato Weight Bench include flat and incline bench press for your chest; reverse curls, ab curls, ab crunches, and lying leg raises for abs; dumbbell single-leg calf raises and seated calf raises for thigh; one-arm dumbbell lateral raise and seated overhead press for arm and shoulders; and reverse hyper extension and glute bridge for the buttocks. In the package you’ll find the weight bench and the removable resistance bands. You may contact the seller and customer service through the link on your Amazon.com order page or their email address or phone number and they will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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