hOmeLabs Stainless Steel Large 44lb. Capacity Nugget Ice Maker Review

hOmeLabs 44lb. Capacity Nugget Ice Maker

homelabs 44lb ice maker

hOmeLabs 44lb. Nugget Ice Maker is a countertop style, large yet portable ice making machine with a very modern design, that makes chewable nugget ice. It has a digital touch control panel, a 3.3-pound drawer and can make up to 44 pounds of ice each day. January 11, 2021 is the date it first became available at Amazon.com and there aren’t many customer reviews yet.

Black and stainless steel hOmeLabs Ice Maker can be used in your home kitchen or outdoors in your backyard etc. with its conveniently portable design. It weighs 38.6 pounds, measures 9.8W × 16.1D (+6.4″ drip tray) × 19H inches and has a 6ft. long cord. You can have or serve cool drinks easily without needing to stock large amounts of ice or having to go to the store to get ice every single time. You can make beautiful cold cocktails and other drinks like mojito, margarita, milkshake, lemonade, iced coffee and smoothie on hot summer days.

It will save you on time, effort and money over time as you can move and use it wherever you want. It is ideal for use on kitchen islands and tables but due to its vertical design it will not fit under standard cabinets. It has a 1 gallon water tank and a 3.3 pounds of maximum ice capacity. It looks sleek and modern and fits any decor well with a glossy black stainless steel design. The stainless steel material used in the housing also makes it robust and durable. You’ll get an ice scoop included in the box for you to transfer the ice into your main freezer in the kitchen or into your drinks.

As long as  you have a power source nearby you can plug the 6 feet cord (115V, 60Hz) and start making ice. The smart and intuitive LED-backlit digital control panel is easy to operate and read, comes with the Ice, Light and Clean buttons and Power, Water Shortage or Ice Full indicators. You’ll get 9 pieces of nugget shaped ice in each cycle and it will let you know when the ice tray is full or when you need to puthomelabs 44lb nugget ice maker water in. The indicators will light up when the ice drawer is full and the ice production will be stopped. You also have the blue LED light that you can turn on as you touch the Light button.

The self cleaning function can be started by a simple touch of the Clean button on the control panel. It is important that you do this self cleaning cycle prior to your first use or if you haven’t used the ice maker for a while. We recommend that you clean it once a week or every 10 days or so and cleaning doesn’t take more than 20 minutes. You can detach the drip tray and clean it easily too. You can keep your seafood like scallops and prawns nice, fresh and cold with this countertop ice maker. The drain pipe behind this ice machine needs to be inserted into the drain cap at all times for this ice maker to work properly, so please check that regularly. It holds the certifications by ETL and FDA and perfectly safe to use.

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