ICECO GO12 12V Portable Mini Car Fridge Freezer Cooler, 12.8 Liter/13.5 Quart Review

ICECO GO12 12V Portable Mini Car Fridge Freezer Cooler

ICECO GO12 12v Portable Freezer, 12.8 Liter:13.5 Quart

ICECO GO12 (T12-APP) is a 12V portable mini car fridge freezer cooler with a 13.5 quart or 12.8 liter capacity that runs on 12/24V DC or 100-240V AC power, with a temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 to -10 degrees Celsius). It is ideal for use indoors and outdoors- at home, office, vehicle, RV on your road trips, parties, picnics or camping.

It has a high average customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars by 6 customers, being a very recent release cooler. Amazon product support is included for free with the purchase of this IceCo Go12. You have two color options to choose from, white and gray as well as the different size choices that you can view at It has the Bluetooth compatibility and you can hook it up with the smart app control on your phone to adjust the temperature easily, check car battery protection level and cooling mode by a simple touch of a button.

You can choose between Max for quick cooling and Eco energy-saving modes and adjust as needed. It uses 45 watts at the fully operating max mode for speedy cooling and 27 watts in the energy saving ECO mode. With the three-stage dynamic car battery protection as connected with your carport you’ll prevent your car battery from running low and have a safer trip. For safety you have the EMC anti-electromagnetic interference, ECU for low-voltage battery protection and current overload protection which will come in handy for security purposes when you’re on a road trip.

Rollovers when the car is moving is prevented with its convenient horizontal design. You’ll not be likely to get injured by the door, thanks to its damper door hinge. It is a very efficient cooling unit with a 12-liter or 13.5-quart capacity, has a modern free standing design, weighs 19.2 pounds and measures 22.4 x 12.6 x 9.1 inches. The noise level is specified as 43 decibels on this unit with a 50-watt power compressor. The door is made of solid ABS plastic and the hinge opens up. You’ll get a free AC adapter for home use, a DC power cable and the instructions manual and warranty in the box.

To adjust the temperature settings easily, please refer to the photo instructions on Very good craftsmanship and the automotive grade baking varnish craft process ensure each cooler is checked more than ten times before being packed. It has a simple modern design and looks small on the outside but is pretty ICECO GO12 12v Portable Freezer, 12.8 Liter instructionsbig on the inside. It can accommodate around 18 cans. IceCo has more than five decades of history in the industry and has provided vehicle refrigeration solutions to well-known brands like Renault, Cadillac, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz. Their warehouses are located in the US- LA, Dallas, Atlanta and Phoenix.

The stability of your driving will not be influenced as the IceCo GO12 has the EMC anti-electromagnetic interference. You can enjoy your cold drinks and ice cream with its temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius. When you plug in 24V DC, it draws 2.5A amps and and the amps is 5a when plugged in 12V DC. You can connect it to the DC power directly and to the AC power with an adapter. The 20L capacity IceCo Go20 costs more than the larger 40L freezer because of being a smart dual zone freezer that can be used both as a fridge and a freezer and that can be controlled by a smart app and the materials used is completely in line with the car manufacturing technology.

It offers precise temperature control and will certainly keep your frozen meals or food frozen. It will keep your ice cream solidly frozen in the hot summer heat. You can set and reset the temperatures in both sections or remove the divider and use the unit as a single zone freezer. IceCo GO12 is nice and modern looking and has a solid construction and works as advertised. And we have no doubt most customers will be happy with what they’re getting at this price level. If you do get error messages or encounter any problems customer support team will be willing to help and even exchange the product. As an ETL certified cooling unit it is perfectly safe to use. It is a very good quality product with a solid construction, damping door hinge, automotive-grade baking varnish craft process and a German Secop Danfoss compressor that comes with a 5-year warranty. You get one year warranty for all the other parts and the local customer support team located in the US.

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