IKT 26.5lb. Capacity Portable Ice Maker Machine, IC1203 Review

IKT 26.5lb. Capacity Portable Ice Maker, IC1203

IKT Portable Ice Maker

IKT IC1203 is a portable, sleek and modern, countertop style ice maker machine with a total of 26.5 pounds of daily ice making capacity. It will get 9 ice cubes ready in a batch in 6 to 8 minutes for a total of 26.5lbs in 24 hours, depending on the size.

As an ETL certified ice machine it meets the health and safety requirements. This ice maker is ideal for use in home and office kitchens and bars. It comes with a solid plastic ice scoop and an ice basket. You can buy it blue, gold, gray or silver colors and please refer to the Amazon.com product page for the current price differences. Blue is the most expensive color, followed by silver, gold and gray.

It has a 100-watt power powerful and efficient compressor that helps produce solid ice cubes in just minutes and runs quietly at a low noise level of less than 40 decibels. It beeps only when it is dropping ice and you hear a bit of ice dropping sound and also beeps when running out of water or when the ice basket is full with the light flashing as well. Otherwise it is almost totally quiet. It doesn’t have a built-in freezer but this modern, good quality compressor offers decent heat preservation.

The IKT Portable Ice Maker is easy to operate and quite conice venient with a single click to get fresh ice cubes. And for using it, you don’t really need the complicated user guides. You can actually get 9 “small” cubes in just 6 minutes. The maximum daily production capacity is 27 pounds. It will give you the ice your whole family needs during the day or when you’re entertaining guests or in parties in the backyard. The ice cubes it makes are great for beer, wine, smoothies, juices, cocktails, other drinks or food.

IKT Portable Ice Maker Machine

When you press the On/Off button for three seconds it will go into the Self Cleaning mode to clean the interior thoroughly. You can press the Stop button at any time to stop the process if you don’t want to wait for it to end. With its advanced cooling, efficient compressor for smart and quick cooling, this ice maker machine is a top rated, premium product. And it produces better quality ice if you use distilled, pure water with better taste and color.

Please note that it doesn’t come with water filters and you’ll not need them anyway as the water tank has the capacity for just a few batches. And water will not be sitting in the ice maker for long. You can connect the plug to any standard 110V US power outlets. The seller is IKT Store on Amazon and the ice maker is delivered from their own factory. They offer good post-sale customer and technical service and they promise to get back to your questions within a few hours. It first became availabe on January 20, 2021, is currently the 64th best selling appliance at Amazon.com and ranked 33rd among ice maker machines.

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