INTERGREAT Portable 12.6lb. Full Automatic Washer and Spin Dryer Review

INTERGREAT Portable Washer and Spin Dryer

INTERGREAT Portable Washing Machine 1.55 Cu.ft

INTERGREAT Portable Washer and Spin Dryer is a compact, full automatic machine with a 12.6-pound or 1.55 cubic feet capacity. The average customer rating for this number one hot new release (March 11, 2021) is 4.6 out of 5 stars by 9 users at the time of this page review. It is currently rated 19th among the portable clothes washers.

Silver and white Intergreat Washer and Dryer weighs 50 pounds and 17.5W x 16.7L x 32.7H inches. You have 8 built-in programs, 3 water temperatures and 3 water levels on the multifunctional control panel for your different needs and the Program/Delay, Time Set, Water Level/Spin and Child Lock. It comes with an LED-backlit display panel, drain pump and wheels and can be used in a variety of settings like small apartments, RVs, caravans, dorms and camping.

The 2-in-1 full automatic washer and spin dryer has a large clothes capacity of 12.6 pounds. It is a compact machine with a large interior and a powerful motor and has a transparent lid at the top for viewing the washing process clearly.  It comes with the embedded handles and transport wheels underneath and can be moved around easily. The Auto Imbalance Detection function on this washing machine will prevent the clothes from being distributed unevenly causing vibrations and excess noise.

INTERGREAT Portable Washing Machine 1.55 Cu.ft, 12.6 lbs

The Child Lock mode will lock the washing machine when it is in operation and will help avoid potential harm. You can use it RVs and camping and will need an outlet. With a 110V of voltage you can plug it into any US power outlet. The drain line is not very long if you’ll use it in the kitchen etc. and the small wheels underneath may leave marks on the floor.

It is a great washer that washes the clothes very well and spin dries for easy drying in a shorter amount of time. It is shipped from a warehouse in the US and you should receive it within the first 3 to 5 days. In the box you will get the compact washing machine, a water inlet cap, two water inlet hoses for hot and cold water, 2 quick connection adapters and a user manual. You’ll get a year of warranty on the parts and 7 years on the stainless steel tub. And customer service is available through email or order page and you will get a reply quickly offering you a solution.

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