Ivation 24-Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, IV-FWCT242DB and IV-FWCT241DWSS Review

Ivation 24-Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Ivation 24 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Red & White Wine Cooler

Ivation IV-FWCT242DB is a 24-bottle capacity dual zone, countertop style, freestanding thermoelectric wine cooler chiller for your white and red bottles with an innovative design and a digital temperature control panel. Being a thermoelectric cooler  with 140-watt power (120V) it runs quietly without disturbing your conversation or sleep in the same room.

The stainless steel Ivation IV-FWCT241DWSS is also available for purchase for 60 dollars more at the time of this product review. You’ll get free Amazon product support included with your purchase of these coolers. They are designed to help protect the taste, rich flavors, aromas and texture of your wines in the short and long term. And to age consistently and gracefully the wine bottles need to keep at stable temperatures, preferably at around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. So you can enjoy its real taste for many years to come.

You can adjust the temperatures between 46 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit in the upper zone (8º – 18ºC), and between 54 and 64 degrees (12º – 18ºC) in the lower zone. You can view and monitor these temps in both the upper and lower zones, with the touch buttons on the display panel. It has the smoked and tempered thermopane glass doors that are nicely sealed and insulated with the CFC-free solid polyurethane heavy foam for constant humidity and odorless environment. The corks on your wine bottles will not dry out, which may let more air in and get in contact with the wine.

It is darker inside as the sunlight and harmful ultraviolet rays are blocked out, so they can’t spoil the complex molecules that are necessary in aged wines. Ivation Wine Cooler is an energy-efficient thermoelectric cooler without a compressor that runs quietly at a noise level of 36 decibels and without vibrations that could potentially disturb the naturally occurring wine sediments. It is quite nice to look at with its sleek and modern glass design with the LCD-backlit temperature control with the temp up and down, light On/Off for the soft interior lighting, temp lock and blue-backlit temp indicators for the upper and lower zones.

Ivation IV-FWCT242DB weighs 42.9 pounds and measures 16.9W x 20.5D x 29.1H inches. Regular refrigerators are not suitable for wine storage because they are simply too cold for most red or white bottles and the room temperature is simply too warm. They need the ideal temperature and humidity conditions consistently. Please do not put this cooler in your garage or Ivation 24 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Red & White Wine Chillerbasement as the temp fluctuations there will not be good for the cooler that will end up running too often. Please note that the 24-bottle capacity is for Bordeaux bottles with a 2-7/8-inch diameter. It comes with the solid pull-out wire shelves that slide in and out easily and you can remove one or two to put your larger or weird shaped bottles.

You shouldn’t put the fridge directly against a wall, but leave at least an inch of clearance as the heat dissipates through the rear. The top section has the colder temperatures suitable for your white bottles and the lower section is better for your red bottles. But you can still put your extra white bottles in there. The doors open easily with their small recessed handles. And the lights turn off automatically within ten minutes as they are not there for showing off your bottles but for seeing the bottles and labels clearly. Ivation stands behind their products and you’re given a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with great customer care. You can call 866-849-3049 or email them at info@myivation.com in case of any issues or queries.

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