Karcassin Wine Cooler 36-Bottle SKR-2436DR and 46-Bottle SKR-2454DS Review

Karcassin 36-Bottle and 46-Bottle Wine Coolers 

Karcassin Wine Cooler 36 Bottles

Karcassin SKR-2436DR is a 36-bottle capacity compressor type dual temperature zone wine cooler fridge for your white and red bottles. The 36-bottle capacity on this cooling unit is for regular size and shape Bordeaux style bottle.

You can also purchase the 46-bottle capacity SKR-2454DS model with a single door and two temperature zones. They work quietly with as little vibrations as possible thanks to the modern built-in efficient compressor. They can be used both as a built-in and stand-alone cooler with its beautiful modern design and front ventilation.

As very recent release wine chillers there are only a few customer reviews published yet and the average rating is 5 out of 5 stars. They are both number one new release in built-in wine cellars category at Amazon.com. Karcassin Wine Coolers will offer the the optimal temperature and humidity necessary for the white and red bottles. And the temperatures will obviously be different than regular fridges that you use for your food, dairy and other items. Your bottles will be kept organized, cool and crisp in this stainless steel cooler with a sleek and modern appearance.

They have the nice blue LED lights inside for making them look more modern and showing off your bottles nicely. The two sections- top and bottom of this wine cooler have separate LCD-backlit smart touch control panels with the temperature up and down, light on/off and the Celsius Fahrenheit converter buttons. The bottom zone temperature can be set between 54 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit for you red bottles, and the top zone between 41-54°F. In case of a power cut the temperature goes back to what you set it before the loss with the memory loss function.

There are six sliding shelves made of beech wood in the pretty interiors for your 750ml bottles. If you want to put in 1-liter or weird shaped bottles the capacity will be less for both the 36-bottle and the 46-bottle coolers. With the low vibrations of the advanced compressors the Karcassin Wine Cooler 46 Bottlessediments in the wine bottles will not be disturbed. Your wine will mature gracefully with the flavors enhanced. The air will be kept cool and fresh without the bad smells as they’ll be prevented by the special carbon filter.

Your bottles will be kept at the right temperature with the internal fan circulating the air in an efficient and controlled manner. The double layer glass on the stainless steel door will keep all the cool air in. If you don’t use the control panel it will lock itself automatically if not used for three minutes. You just press the up and down buttons for three seconds to unlock it. There is a safety lock to keep your kids and intruders away from your bottles and to stop the cold air escape as you open the doors too often. The compressor does not do cycles frequently, meaning that the heat insulation is quite good. Please note that they both weigh 108 pounds with the dimensions of 22.6 x 23.4 x 32.9 inches.

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