Kenwell 24 lb. Compact Semi-Automatic Twin Tub Washing Machine, with Spinner & Drain Pump Review 

Kenwell 24 lb. Compact Semi-Automatic Twin Tub Washing Machine

Kenwell Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine 24lbs

White and black Kenwell Kuppet 24 lb. Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine is a semi automatic portable unit with a 16.5 lb. capacity washer and a 7.5 lb. spinner. It is a number one hot new release in the combo washers and dryers.

There aren’t many reviews or ratings at for this brand new 2020 release washing machine yet but the average is a decent 4.6 out of 5 stars at the moment. This unit is returnable within 30 days and a restocking fee may apply.

It has a fairly large capacity and with a twin tub double function design it will save you time by washing and spinning simultaneously. You can do your small to medium loads, and wash the clothes of your family at once. It comes with a built-in drain pump for draining dirty water by a longer drainage tube from the washer. It is easy to use and suitable for use in small flats, dorm rooms, condos, RVs, camping or wherever you see convenient.

It is compact in size, has a space saving design and easy to store. You have the separate timers for the washer and the spinner and it is 15 mins for the washer and 5 mins for the spinner section. With a 450-watt 1300rpm powerful motor (110V/60Hz) and a max frequency of 60Hz it will save you time, labour and energy. And you will get your clothes cleaner than you may expect. 450 watts of power is 300W for the washer and 150W for the spin dryer.

The operation panel has a simple design that is easy to operate. You have the wash timing, wash options, drain options and spin timing. You just put your load of clothes, fill the washing tub with water, set the time and press Start. Then you transfer your wet clothes into the spinner section to spin them for 5 minutes to get them up to 80% dry. It has a compact design that measures 27.6 x 16.1 x 30.7 inches overall and lets you do your laundry in a fairly compact space.

The machine will stop automatically when the washing is complete but you need to adjust the water level manually. And you’ll need to do a bit of work during the transfer from the washer to the spin dryer. It is easy to load and has a transparent lid for you to see things clearly. With the intimate inner tube design your clothes will be Kenwell Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine 24lb protected and not damaged. Please note that the drain pump is not very strong and needs to be closer to the ground, like half of the unit’s height and the water will get drained just fine.

It is reported to be very powerful and get your clothes very clean, while running quietly. And by only 3-4 minutes of spinning you will get them up to 80% dry. Please do not put in too many clothes as the drum is fairly small and may break the machine. It is an OK semi-automatic machine that will get the job done, and you will be happy as long as you do not have too high expectations. You’ll get a user manual and a warranty card that lets you have a full refund within the first ten days, replace a defective unit within 30 days (+30 more days if registered on the Kuppet website) and 90 days of after sale service.

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