KOOTEBROWL Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Review

KOOTEBROWL Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer

KOOTEBROWL Vacuum Sealer Machine

KOOTEBROWL Vacuum Sealer is a compact and modern automatic food sealing machine with the 80-watt average power and the air sealing system that comes with a starting kit and heat sealing bag roll of 11 x 118 inches. February 9, 2022 is the date it was first available at Amazon.com and is currently ranked the 38th best selling vacuum sealer.

Black KooteBrowl Vacuum Food Sealer is made of solid ABS- Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic material, is compact in size, lightweight and portable, weighing just 2.59 pounds. It will make cooking and preparing meals cheaper, easier and quicker by extending the shelf life of foods, helping organise your freezer as you can defrost the foods you want and have them fresh, rather than freezer burned with the ice crystals. So it will save you on both time and money. 

It comes with a very effective vacuum pump with a very strong suction that gets rid of all the air for keeping the taste, freshness and quality overall. There is an air suction hose for vacuuming the food bag and for vacuum container like food storage container and wine stopper. You can complete the vacuum sealing within 5 to 12 seconds with a maximum vacuum suction of -50 Kpa. The longest it can seal is 260mm, wet sealing time is ≤13S, dry sealing time is  ≤11.5s with a noise level of less than 80 decibels. The average power is 90 watts (90W±10%). 

It has a smooth exterior, a slim and compact design, robust and durable construction and the ability to vacuum up to 50 times. It is very easy to use as you just put the ingredients or food in the bag and put the open end or mouth of the bag within the range of the sealing ring. You just press the lid and you’ll hear two clicks toKOOTEBROWL Vacuum Sealer ensure the vacuum sealer is fixed and just press the automatic button for the sealer to start working. And once you see a red light, it means both vacuuming and sealing are completed. 

It is a versatile sealer that can be used for different purposes like securing toiletries and shampoos when you’re traveling, vacuum sealing documents for protection from damage, sealing phones, tablets etc. for protection from wet weather or splashes as well as for sealing dried fruits and nuts, sugar and flour. In the package you’ll find the vacuum sealer, an air suction hose, a roll heat-seal bag of 11” x 118” with a reticulated surface thickness of more than 0.19mm. You’ll get good customer service from Ecovsorder that takes full responsibility of their products. 

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