KTSS Automatic Portable Electric 26lb. Countertop Ice Maker Machine Review

KTSS Portable Electric 26lb. Countertop Ice Maker

KTSS Automatic Portable Ice Maker

KTSS Electric Ice Maker is a portable, compact, retro style,  automatic ice making machine for use on countertops with a 26 lb. total ice capacity with the 9 ice cubes ready in each cycle in about 7 minutes. The duration of a single cycle will depend on the ambient temperature and how cold the water you use in it.

It is important that you put pure, filtered water in the water reservoir every time, to be able to get clear and nice tasting ice cubes consistently. You can select from Small or Large sizes of ice cubes and use them in your mixed drinks, water bottles, wine, beer, soda, frozen foods and wherever you may need ice. It comes with an ice basket and a scoop for being able to transfer the contents of the box- the ice cubes when they’re ready, into your cold beverages or fridge freezer for later use.

You have three color options to choose from on the product page- aqua, red and silver gray which is roughly 28 dollars more at the time of this post release. But this silver gray “Opal” has a totally different design and makes soft and chewable ice nuggets rather than the solid ice cubes. These two are completely different products with different results. The bin in the silver Opal has a 3 pounds of ice capacity and your crunchy nugget ice will be ready in just 20 minutes.

For the cheaper aqua and red color models with the large ice making capacity you will get up to 26 pounds of ice in a 24-hour period if you keep the water reservoir filled with water at all times. What you get from the retro ice making machine are the quick freezing cylinderKTSS Automatic Portable Ice Maker 26lb. shaped ice cubes for your different ice needs. The ice maker (both styles) works quietly and gets your ice ready within 7 minutes (6 to 9 minutes) on average.

It is a compact and portable, retro design ice maker that will look nice on any kitchen countertop while offering you ice cubes whenever or wherever you want. The ice basket in the retro can have two pounds of ice at a time. There is no Bluetooth function on this ice maker and we actually didn’t come across many ice machines that had that feature so far. Please read the instructions manual for operating the ice maker correctly. It first became available recently on May 11, 2021 and there aren’t any customer reviews yet.

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