Kuppet 11lb. Mini Portable Washing Machine Review

Kuppet 11lb. Mini Portable Washing Machine

kuppet 11lb mini portable washing machine

KUPPET Mini Portable Washing Machine has 11 lb. capacity, a single translucent tub and timer control for compact laundry in small apartments, condos, dormitories, camping, RVs, motor homes and wherever you see fit. Its compact size and lightweight gives you flexibility to move it wherever u want.

This is a single tub washing machine with the wash control timer for up to 15 minutes for your different washing needs. It is an automatic washing machine that just needs you to put your clothes in, fill the tub with water, set the timer and start washing. You can monitor the process through the transparent lid at the top. You’ll be saving on your energy bills with its compact size that requires low energy consumption.

White and gray Kuppet Mini Washing Machine weighs 16 pounds and measures 16.3 x 14.2 x 25.6 inches with an 11-pound capacity for your small and delicate loads with the gentle and normal settings. It has a powerful motor with an input power of 250 watts with 110 Volts of voltage and a maximum 60Hz of frequency. It is good for your small loads, like socks, undies, towels, t-shirts, shirts etc. You’ll save on time and labor and less water will be used with the water inlet, water flow and sprinkling functions.

It uses a brand new technology of waves pulsating and new water flow, by which your clothes are twisted less and cleaned better. It creates strong currents and your clothes are washed from different directions. The process is completed in a shorter period of time with a max time setting or 15 minutes and it gets your clothes very kuppet 11lb mini portable washing machine small with timerclean in this short time without making any noise. Please note that there is no spin drying feature on this compact washing machine and they need to be squeezed out by hand.

Kuppet 11lb. Mini Washing Machine is small, easy to use and operate, works very efficiently and quietly without disturbing you and offers an easy washing solution. It is a small machine with the user-friendly features, the motor has an environmentally friendly paint and the 4 feet power cord is UL certified for security. The instructions are only two pages long and doesn’t tell you how to remove the lint trap, but all you do is squeeze the bottom and top together and pull it out towards you. For the low price point you really can’t complain about not having a spinner as you can just purchase the Kuppet Spinner as well and use them together.

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