KUPPET 37-Bottle Countertop Freestanding Compressor Wine Cooler Review

KUPPET 37-Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler

KUPPET Thermoelectric 35 Bottle Wine Cooler

KUPPET 37 Bottle Wine Cooler is a countertop style freestanding unit with a 128-liter capacity for your red and white bottles. You can store your white, red, champagne and beer bottles conveniently. Please note that this is a compressor-type wine cooler, not thermoelectric like suggested by the header on the Amazon product page.

This 37-bottle wine chiller is available with both the wooden and metal shelves, with no price difference. It has the removable metal eucalyptus shelves that slide in and out easily when you need to put large or different shaped bottles in the wine chiller. You can adjust the height and number of these shelves easily and conveniently. It has a compact space saving design, measures 20.31D x 21.65W x 32.28H inches and weighs 70.55 pounds. The inner measurements are 28H x 17W x 16.5D inches and you can fit in quite a few bottles of wines and cans of soda and beer.

With an efficient modern compressor it runs quietly at a noise level of less than 35 decibels and you won’t hear anything even when you’re very close to it. The touch control panel with an LCD-backlit display with the Fahrenheit and Celsius, has the temperature up and down buttons, light button and temperature control lock that locks the touch controls automatically after you set the temperatures and it will keep the constant temperature. The modern compressor is powerful, cools faster than thermoelectric systems, runs quietly, has a longer use time, and a wider range and is environmentally friendly.

It has an integrated circulation fan, a ventilation grill and the built-in lights. You’ll have a very stable temperature environment inside the fridge for storing your red and white bottles even long-term. The temperature is adjustable between 37.4º and 50º Fahrenheit or 3º – 10º Celsius. And you can customize the temp for the ideal aging of your wine bottles. Great sealing and double-layered glass help maintain the coolness and freshness of your wine bottles with the harmful ultraviolet light and heat that can harm your wine kept out. It works at a very low noise level and will not disturb you or people in the house even if you put it in your bedroom.

KUPPET Thermoelectric 35 Bottle Wine fridge

With the cool blue LED interior lighting that you can turn on and off through the light button on the control panel, you can pick the wine you want without needing to open the door. And the light also shows off your wine collection beautifully. With its beautiful sleek and modern freestanding design you can use it as a built-in unit in your bar or kitchen area or as a freestanding unit in your living or dining room.

“Innovation, Intelligence, Green and Safety” is the motto for Kuppet Appliances that create and make great products for home users. Kuppet 37-Bottle Wine Cooler is shipped swiftly via Amazon.com and should arrive within a few days max without any dents because the foam sealing around it. There is a col blue LED light inside and will look very sleek and modern and fit with your decor wherever you put it. It will keep your bottles at the optimal constant temperature you set it to consistently. We don’t hesitate to recommend it if it is the size and design you want or need. And you will not be likely to regret your purchase.

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