KUPPET 62-Can, 1.6 cu. ft. Beverage Cooler Refrigerator Review

KUPPET 62-Can, 1.6 cu. ft. Beverage Cooler 

KUPPET 2 in 1 Countertop Ice Maker Water Dispenser

KUPPET 62-Can Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator is a compact unit with a 1.6 cubic feet, convenient tempered glass door and adjustable and detachable shelves for home kitchen, bar, office, dorm, RV, or restaurant use.

Kuppet Cooler is basically good for any location you see fit, has a premium feel, sleek and modern design and looks nice and sophisticated in black and stainless steel. It is ideal for storing beer and soda cans and bottles as well as your wine bottles. The glass door with the stainless steel frame is left-hinged to open to the right and the direction can be changed to right hinge to open from the left.

The interior has a 1.6 cubic feet storage capacity with two solid chrome shelves. And you can view your soda or beer bottles or cans through the glass without opening the door and let the cool air escape. The temperature range of 37.4 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit is also good for red and white wine bottles or your snacks. And your beer and soft drinks will be kept quite cold and ready to serve at all times. It goes down to the temperature you adjust it to quickly and will stay at that temperature consistently. The ambient temperature does not have much impact on the interior temperature of tis compressor fridge.

The chrome shelves are easily adjustable and removable for you to fit in bottles and cans of different shapes and sizes. It comes with the manual defrost function and as you unplug the cooler all the surfaces will defrost. There is a drip tray on the compressor and that’s where the melted water KUPPET 2 in 1 Countertop Ice Maker will be disposed of automatically. As the heat is moved from the compressor this water will evaporate.  It is not hard to clean or maintain as you just follow the instructions in the manual.

This great little Kuppet 62-can 1.6 cu. ft. Beverage Cooler works rather efficiently with the decent air circulation inside. Your drinks are protected from the harmful ultraviolet lights with the tinted double pane glass door with stainless steel frame. It comes with the adjustable leveling legs at the front to keep it level on uneven grounds. You turn them clockwise to lower the fridge cooler and counterclockwise to raise it. Please make sure you leave this compressor fridge unplugged for up to 24 hours for the oils to settle, as there may be leaking during the shipping. The same rule applies if it is tilted for any reason.

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