KUPPET Frigidaire 150-Can 4.5 Cu.Ft Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler Fridge with Glass Door 

KUPPET Frigidaire 150-Can 4.5 Cu.Ft Beverage Cooler 

KUPPET 150-Can Beverage Cooler

Stainless steel Frigidaire Kuppet 150-Can Beverage Fridge is a king size compression type cooler unit with a large 4.5 cubic feet capacity to accommodate a maximum of 150 standard sized soda or beer cans.

Or you can remove or adjust the metal shelves to put larger bottles or items in. With a sleek, stylish and modern design it is suitable for use at home kitchens, apartments, office kitchens, dorms, bars, restaurants, RVs or wherever you see fit.

Kuppet 4.5 cu. ft Beverage Cooler looks nice and modern in all black with a glass door and will look fine in any decor. It has a solid stainless steel frame and the double layer toughened glass door is left hinged to open from the left to the right. The temperature can be adjusted between approximately 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit through the LED-backlit electronic control panel depending on the ambient temperature. The dual layers help keep the cool air inside and it will keep cool consistently as long as you don’t open the door too often.

The LED light inside can be turned on and off through the panel, shows off your drinks nicely and lets you pick what you want easily in the dark or dim light. And this cooler fridge will help keep your cans of drinks and snacks very cold and fresh, maintaining the taste at a minimum of 37 degrees. This low decibel- noise beverage refrigerator runs very quietly and you can easily sleep in the room with the fridge compressor doing its cycles occasionally. With the updated quick cooling system of the low noise and powerful compressor it cools efficiently and without using up much electricity.

kuppet 150-can beverage fridge

The double glass door has ultraviolet protection to keep the harmful UV rays away from your drinks and food, maintaining the consistent cold temperature, freshness and taste. Stainless steel and black Kuppet 150-can Cooler weighs 57 pounds and measures 20.3 x 21.4 x 31.5 inches for a 186-liter or 4.5 cubic feet capacity.

It has a rather spacious interior for your cans and bottles of drinks and snacks. There are six adjustable and removable chrome shelves that slide out easily and can be adjusted to fit in taller or different shaped cans or bottles- of all shapes and sizes. We like the stylish and modern design, the large storage capacity, the sturdy multi-layer display rack, convenient control panel with temp up and down and light touch buttons, UV protection on the glass door, fast and efficient cooling and energy efficiency.

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