Kuppet Twin Tub Portable Mini 21 lbs Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Review

KUPPET Twin Tub Portable Mini 21 lbs Washing Machine

KUPPET Compact 21lbs Capacity Twin Tub Washer

KUPPET Twin Tub Mini Washer 21 lb. is a 2019 model compact and portable, semi-automatic unit with a washer capacity of 13 lbs and a spinner of 8 lbs. It has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars by 6 customers as a brand new release washer with decent customer satisfaction.

You can buy it in white & black or white & gray. You’ll be saving time by having a dual function design of washer and spinner in one machine. It will take you much shorter to dry your clothes after hanging them outside. With a total capacity of 21 pounds it is designed for washing and spinning light to medium capacity laundry loads. It is enough for washing the laundry of a few people at the same time.

Kuppet Washer has an easy to read and operate panel with the washing options, washing timing, draining options and spinning timing. You just put your dirty laundry in, fill it with cold water, set its timer and start the washing. It has the separate timer settings for washing and spinning, and washing each load will be completed in just 15 minutes and spinning in 5 minutes. After the washing cycle is completed you need to transfer it to the spinning section to do the spinning in 5 minutes. The machine will stop automatically after each cycle is completed- when the load is done.

You’re probably aware that this is not a fully automatic but a semi-automatic machine that does the whole washing and spinning without you changing anything manually. The 1300rpm rotating speed motor with a total of 435 watts of power (300W for wash and 135W for dry) offers powerful performance and will save you time. It runs with the power supply of 110 Volts of voltage and a maximum 61 Hz frequency with a regular three-prong plug. This machine has the gravity drainage with a drain pump and long 38.3-inch drainage tube that drains out the water easily from the washer.

KUPPET Compact 21lbs Capacity Twin Tub Washing Machine

The Kuppet Mini Washer weighs a bit over 20 pounds and measures 28.7 x 16.5 x 33.8 inches- is compact and portable and doesn’t occupy much space and can be moved around easily. This compact and portable washer is suitable for use in small apartments, condos, dorms, camping, RVs and wherever you see convenient. The transparent lid is quite large you can load and remove your laundry- dirty and clean clothes easily.

With the 360 degree rotation causing water to tumble, it separates the clothes attached together easier and does 360-degree cleaning. Kuppet Compact Washer is shipped mostly assembled and you just need to read the operation instruction on the user manual and start using it pretty much straight away. It comes with an intake hose that you can use to fill the washer with water or you can fill it manually. You don’t need to lift the washer to drain itself and you can simply drop the drain hose on the shower floor. But please pay attention to not submerge the bottom part of the washer as the motor and other parts are located at the bottom. It is a good quality heavy-duty compact washing machine that is easy and fun to use and does what it’s supposed to do, saving you time and money.

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