LERIZOM Countertop Ice Maker Machine with Self Cleaning, ICM-1227L Review

LERIZOM Countertop Ice Maker, ICM-1227L

LERIZOM Ice Machine Maker

LERIZOM Ice Maker (ICM-1227L) is a countertop style ice making appliance with a total daily capacity of 26 pounds with 9 bullet shaped ice cubes ready in just 6-7 mins. It has the built-in self cleaning function, Small and Large ice size options and comes with an ice basket and ice scoop. 

Silver Lerizom Ice Maker weighs 18.3 pounds and measures 8.97L x 12.59W x 11.69H inches. How long each batch of 9 ice cubes will depend on the ambient temperature and the temperature of the water you use. But normally you should get these 9 chewable bullet shaped ice cubes in just 7 minutes in each cycle. And you can use them in your cold beverages- juice, soda, beer, whiskey, cocktails and wine or for frozen foods.

It has a very efficient, quiet and quick cooling system that will keep the ice machine cool, save on your energy bills and offer a rather quiet performance. With its user friendly design you can view the ice making process through the transparent cover at the top. And with the advanced sensors- infrared induction the ice machine will let you know when the ice basket is full or when you need to refill it with water for further ice making in the following batches. In both cases it will stop the operation and show you with the light indicator. 

You can choose from the two sizes of Small and Large for your different needs. Small ice cubes are ideal for sodas and whiskey and large ice cubes are generally for tea, juices and other beverages. You’ll get an ice basket and a scoop for transferring the ice it makes easily into your fridge freezer or your beverages. To activate the self cleaning function you just press the On/Off button for a few seconds after putting some water in the reservoir. ItLERIZOM Ice Machine Maker 26.5lbs will start the cleaning automatically and you open the small rubber stopper at the bottom for draining the used water. 

It has a built-in fan that will reduce the heat generated by the machine during the ice making effectively. It works very quietly with a noise level of between 40 to 50 decibels with the only time you’ll hear any noise being is when it is dropping the ice cubes into the basket. It is suitable for use in homes, offices, boats, RVs, camping and wherever there is a power outlet nearby. March 2, 2022 is the date the Lerizom Ice Maker first became available on Amazon and we don’t have any customer reviews so far for this very new release product. It is made in China but sent to your address from a warehouse within the US. 

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