Luma Comfort Portable Clear Ice Maker, IM200SS and IM200W Review

Luma Comfort Portable Clear Ice Maker, IM200

Luma Comfort IM200SS Portable Clear Ice Maker

Luma Comfort IM200SS is a fairly compact and portable, reliable and attractive looking, restaurant quality crystal clear ice maker with a sleek stainless steel finish and an advanced ice making technology of commercial ice makers. It is one of the better selling ice makers at with hundreds of reviews online.

You’ll get a free Amazon tech support with the purchase of this product. It is also offered in white color but not available at the moment of this product review. What differentiates this ice maker from the other cheaper models on the market is it makes crystal clear ice cubes that you’d find in restaurants or bars, that melt many times slower than the cloudy ice of other units.

Luma Comfort Ice Maker weighs 25.5 pounds and measures 11.13L x 14.25W x 13.88H inches- is compact in size and will fit on most counters and can be used anywhere you want including boats, RVs etc. It is a standalone unit with a sleek and modern design in stainless steel and has a 4.62-pound ice capacity. The powerful 130-watt compressor (110V and 60Hz) has the capacity to make 28 pounds of ice each day, which will probably be enough for most people without needing to get any from the shops.

You don’t have to install anything on this simple plug and play type unit. You plug it into a power outlet, put some water in and wait for 15 mins for the unit to produce your 1st batch of ice cubes. The Luma Comfort uses a special system based on how icicles are formed as the water flows continuously over a very cold metal honeycomb, freezing and making ice layer by layer. This constant flow prevents any air pockets and cloudiness in the ice. And when the ice cubes (1” x 1” x 1”) are done it moved from cold to warm to drop the ice into the ice bin in great shape.

Cloudy shaped ice is the result of oxidation in a sealed environment like the freezer or cool components touching the water. You do not even need to use bottled water to get the crystal clear ice with this machine. 15 minutes can be a little longer than the 9 minutes we saw on the other type of ice makers, but you’re getting more at each batch with a total daily amount of 28 pounds. You can make cold beverages and cocktails for the heat of summer with the good quality ice produced in a fairly short amount of time. On the display panel you will find the LED-backlit indicators for Full Ice and Low (Add) Water and the On/Off button.

Luma Comfort IM200SS Portable Clear Ice Machine

Luma Comfort IM200SS doesn’t need any plumbing or installation as you simply add water and switch it on. The crystal clear ice it produces is firmer than normal (melts 5 times slower) and definitely tastes better than the cloudy ice of the other home style ice makers. It keeps the ice frozen for a little while and then The melted ice is circulated back into the unit for making ice again in the next batch. It comes with a warranty for materials and workmanship (not for misuse or abuse) for one year and will be repaired or replaced with the shipping costs paid by them. If you pay roughly 26 dollars extra you’ll get a three year warranty. Please note that it doesn’t run particularly quietly and that is something you need to consider if you’ll be running it all the time at home.

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  1. just new I don’t think so. I bought my unit 3 seasons ago and use it during the summer months. It is functional except during extreme above 95 deg heat when the timer malfunctions making a really thick sheet of ice. After shutting down for ma while the sheet drops and back to normal production. The unit will scale like all ice machines and a cup of vinegar before storage cycled through cut the scale and flush it well. All in all, this ice maker is handy although not that portable.


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