MaxiGym 2021 Heavy Duty Adjustable Workout Weight Bench Review

MaxiGym 2021 Heavy Duty Adjustable Weight Bench

MaxiGym Heavy Duty Adjustable Weight Bench

2021 model MaxiGym Weight Bench is a heavy duty resistance workout unit with a solid and durable construction and a total of 1000lb. maximum weight capacity and 600lb. as the safe weight limit. You’ll get an exercise bench poster that you see in the photo.

MaxiGym is the ideal incline bench for use at home, lifting weights and would work for those that need a stable workout bench under heavy weight loads. It is adjustable to 10 positions for hitting slightly different muscles at different angles. The serious weight lifters can make advantage of its easy cage system integration, easy adjustability and the 20″ x 30″ training poster that it comes with. It would make a nice decoration in your home gym and offers a good variety of exercises for you to benefit from a good range of exercises.

The ladder adjustment system will let you adjust it to two seat and five different back angles. And you can do your standard flat and incline bench presses and other exercises that you see on the training poster. It is a heavy duty weight bench that happens to be rather mobile with the integrated caster wheels at the front and the lift and drag handle. You can move it out of the way when you’re not using it and move it to use with any cage or power rack. It is almost assembled and you can assemble the rest easily in just three easy steps by following the instructions provided.

It is comfortable to sit or lie on with its ergonomic seat and backrest with the extra comfortable anti-sweat padding and you can lift your weights comfortably and do some heavy lifting without problems. You will not need to worry about how this bench fits you as you work out. The heavy duty steel frame offers great stability and you can train at different positions. It is a sturdy and durable, almost commercial level weight bench that is close toMaxiGym Heavy Duty Adjustable Weight Bench 2021 Version what you can find in your gym. It feels stable and you can work out safely and comfortably without needing to leave the comfort of your home.

You can use it with different configurations with the quick-adjust ladder system. It will be safe and stable during the very intense workouts as the heavy duty steel frame is held by the large bolts rather than the little screws. If you go for the foldable version of this bench the maximum weight capacity is just over 500 pounds rather than 1000 and the safe weight capacity is a bit over 400 pounds rather than 600. The MaxiGym Adjustable Weight Bench qualifies for a 30-day money back guarantee or replacement if you’re not satisfied for whatever reason. The date this weight bench first became available is April 12, 2021.

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