Mindful Living ERG Solid Wood and Steel Rowing Machine Rower Review

Mindful Living ERG Wood and Steel Rower

Mindful Living ERG is a nice looking rowing machine with a solid wood and steel structure. You have two color options of black and orange at the same price. It is easy on the eyes with a unique design and made of organic materials.

Mindful Living ERG runs very quietly when you’re pulling the handle and it is suitable for home and office use. It is very nicely crafted with wood and metal. This great quality rowing machine has a 6-pound flywheel that proves useful in everyday use. In terms of the type of wood, a light finished plywood is used on this rowing machine. It is not foldable but is lightweight and has a space saving and portable design. You can move it around easily and store it in an upright position.

The smart display panel is sold separately with the reason given being the cost and not everyone wanting to use it. This way they are able to offer this product at a more affordable price. The wood is attached to the steel casing and the pedal are mounted onto both and we don’t think it is likely to break. The maximum total user weight limit is specified as 265 pounds on this solid heavy duty bike and should be OK for a great percentage of adults. The inseam height is 41 inches from foot to stop. It actually weighs more than the competitors with the standard narrow metal constructions.

The seat is larger and the frame is thicker than what you may expect at this price level. It has the sturdy and durable, larger than normal roller wheels and not like some small plastic rollers you may find on other models. It has the incline feature that is available on more expensive rowing machines. Some mindful living solid wood and steel rowercustomers actually don’t want a display panel that shows calories, speed, distance etc indicators and it is good that they have an option here not to pay. The wheels will not touch the floors after the assembly is completed.

Please note that the resistance is adjustable on this rowing machine through the tension knob. If you get the smart display panel you can attach it to the rower with the heavy suction thing. The instructions for assembly are not great and the assembled rower can look a bit different in reality to what the pictures show. But overall you shouldn’t have any problems with this rowing machine. The optional LCD display to help you monitor your progress costs 15 dollars at the time of this product review. The warranty offered on the Mindful Living ERG is 5 years for the part, which means they will replace the part that is broken.

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