New Age Living Countertop Ice Maker And Water Dispenser, IMWNACBTE Review

New Age Living Countertop Ice Maker & Water Dispenser

New Age Living Countertop Ice Maker And Water Dispenser

New Age Living (IMWNACBTE) is a countertop style 2017 release, modern, three-in-one water dispenser and ice maker with a sleek and sophisticated look. It is designed to produce cold and hot water and bullet style ice cubes when you press the right button.

The ice making capacity is specified as up to 25 pounds per day. Cold water is very cold- cold enough to make chilled beverages, especially on those hot summer days. You can make hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate, instant soup, noodles or oatmeal.

You have the easy to operate control panel with control buttons: Large round power button in the middle and heat, Ice/+, Chill, Hot, Lock/Set and Cool buttons along with a blue LED-backlit display that is easy to read. This is where you manage all the relevant functions of heating, cooling, dispensing hot or cold water and making and delivering ice.

As you can view in the product photos you can place a 5-gallon size large water bottle or connect it directly to a water line, which is a feature that makes it more flexible than many other competitor water cooler models on the market. With the independent cooling and heating, there will be no energy wasted and the potential wear and tear will be avoided much better.

New Age Living Countertop Ice Maker Water Dispenser IMWNACBTE

This is obviously on top of the unique and efficient ice making functionality. New Age Living Water Dispenser has a beautiful modern look that will go well with any home or office decor. It is small and portable with the measurements of 17 x 13 x 21 inches and you can basically use it wherever there is 110V voltage- suitable for use in North America.

Ice making power is specified as 150 watts and the heating power is 550 watts, both of which are quite all right. You have the great 25 lb. per day ice making capacity with a drawer ice storage capacity of 2.2 pounds. Cold water reservoir capacity is half a gallon or 2 liters and the hot water reservoir is a quarter gallon size (1 liter). Cold water temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit and the hot water temperature is 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is no integrated water filter in this water cooler but you probably won’t need one. Because you will be using pre-filtered water through the direct water line or water bottles. This unit makes bullet shaped ice that is roughly an inch long, with a hole at the bottom and a round shape at the top. Ice will stay frozen for a while and when it starts melting, water will be collected by the system. It is quite nice to have the very cold or very hot water and ice cubes on hand whenever you want or need them for your drinks or meals. It will simply make your life easier in the kitchen.

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  1. Do you deliver to the UK or do you have a UK supplier? I am looking for a decent ice maker/cold water dispenser. Thank you.

  2. Sorry for the delay, but you need to contact the seller via your order page. We only review these new release products.


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