Northair 3.2 Cubic Feet 2-Door Mini Retro Fridge with Handles, BCD-90R Review

Northair 3.2 Cubic Feet 2-Door Mini Retro Fridge

Northair 2-Door Mini Refrigerator with Handle, 3.2 Cubic Feet

Northair BCD-90R is a retro style, standalone type 2-Door Mini Fridge with a 3.2 cubic feet capacity, retro handles for the fridge and freezer sections, and a crisper- fruit and veggie box. It is suitable for use in hotels, dorm rooms, small flats, garages, basements, campers or wherever you see fit.

It is portable- easier to move around because of its compact size. The average customer rating is 4.1 out of 5 stars by 7 customers because of a single 1 star rating, the rest of the ratings are 5 stars. You have the two color options and can purchase it in mint green or white. The two-door design means it offers two independent spaces for your normal fridge items and your frozen foods.

The fridge section has a 2.24 cubic feet capacity, a temperature range of 1 to 8 degrees Celsius, a crisper for a moist environment for fruits and veggies with an adjustable glass shelf, shelves and door shelves- storage for canned drinks and 2-liter large bottles. The small freezer has a 0.93 cubic feet capacity, and -18 to -25 degrees Celsius for you to keep your seafood, ice compress, ice cream and more.

The body sheet metal is the robust and durable galvanized steel plate and has the solid ABS plastic exterior. As a freestanding type mini fridge it has a beautiful appearance, weighs 52.9 pounds and measures 19.4 x 19.9 x 33.5 inches. It is small on the outside but rather spacious inside. It is easy on the eyes and you will get compliments from your friends and guests.

Very efficient, environmentally friendly and energy saving R600a compressor (115V, 60Hz) is used in this fridge freezer. And it seems to function as it should and relatively quietly at a noise level of 40 decibels. It will be easy on your energy bills with a consumption of less than 1 kwh = 0.86 kilowatt hours per day. Health and environmentally friendly materials are used inside to keep your foods fresher and healthier.

Northair 3.2 Cubic Feet 2-Door Mini Fridge Interior

There is a temp adjustment switch with the 7-gear temp adjustment for 7 levels of precise temp control. After a power failure the cooling inside will be maintained for up to 8 hours. It stays at the set temperature consistently and the storage time is longer than normal. There is no auto defrost function on this fridge and needs to be defrosted manually every 6 months or so.

The temp control is great, will keep cool consistently without fluctuations. It runs quietly and the compressor will do less cycles if you don’t open the door too often. You need to let it sit for up to 24 hours for the compressor oils to settle in case they leaked during the transport. Then you can plug it in and it will get to the set temperature quickly and will stay there. Both the fridge and freezer sections work well, runs quietly, the door shuts well, keeps your items cool consistently, and looks very nice with its retro design. Customer service is good if you encounter any problems or have any questions.

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