OKVAC Full-Automatic Compact 8 lb. Washing Machine, XQB35-1108 Review

OKVAC Full-Automatic 8 lb. Washing Machine

OKVAC Full-Automatic Washing Machine

OKVAC XQB35-1108 is a hot new 2019 release compact full-automatic 2-in-1 washing machine- top load type laundry washer with spin function, 8 pounds of capacity, 8 preset wash programs and more. It has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars by 10 customers with a few questions answered.

And it was released only very recently in April 2019 at Amazon.com. The 8 preset programs include Standard, Spin, Gentle, Soak, Quick Wash, Air Dry and Clean Tub. It soaks, washes, rinses and spins through the cycles. You have the convenient Timer and Water Level controls on the LED-backlit display. There is even the Child Safe Lock feature on the panel to prevent your kids playing with the machine, especially during the operation.

Okvac Washing Machine is very easy to operate with the self-explanatory buttons and indicators on the control panel. You just choose one of the preset Wash options to start the machine immediately. In the package you will find the Okvac Washer, a water inlet hose, a regular connector, a bottom covering plate and screw and the instructions manual. It is especially good for small apartments as it won’t take up a lot of space, while handling light to medium loads with a reasonable 8 lb. capacity.

White Okvac Washing Machine (HEA100529) weighs about 40 pounds and measures 18.1L x 18.3W x 30.7H inches. It has a stainless steel inner tub, which is obviously more sturdy and durable than plastic or other materials. The cabinet is made of solid PP plastic. If you hear a lot of noise during the washing, it probably means the load is not well balanced. You just press the Pause button and reallocate and balance your clothes. It can’t be connected to kitchen faucets directly and you need a buy a female or male adapter.

OKVAC Full-Automatic Washing HEA100529

The washer does not have a drain pump but uses the gravity drain by which the water flows from high to low without any pressure being created. Inlet pipe length is 39.37 inches and the outlet pipe length is 47.24 inches. You can plug it into a normal power outlet and with the voltage of 110V and 60Hz frequency, it is suitable for use in North America. The time it takes to complete a cycle depends on one of the 8 preset wash cycles you choose.

And you have the Quick wash cycle that should complete the task within 20 minutes or so. It is delivered swiftly via Amazon.com and is easy to set up. There are no wheels underneath but it is easy enough to move around, being compact and lightweight. You just make sure the hose is connected and the machine is plugged in and it is ready to go. You can use the detergents you use in regular automatic washing machines and it will fill with water, wash, rinse, spin and drain automatically. It runs quietly and makes your clothes very clean just like in any auto washing machine. The only difference is the maximum load is 8 pounds in this one. It offers awesome value for money. It comes with a warranty of two years by the manufacturer and you can contact the seller via Amazon.com as they’re available 24 hours and 7 days a week.

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