OMORC Mini Fridge 10L Cooler and Warmer, LED Display, ECO Mode, Car Fridge AC & DC Review

OMORC Mini Fridge 10L Cooler and Warmer

Omorc Mini Fridge 10L

White OMORC Mini Fridge is a mini cooler and warmer with a 10-liter capacity, an LED display panel, dual core system, ECO mode for saving energy and the AC and DC power adapters included in the package for multiple use. It scores 5 out of 5 stars by 15 customers as a very popular, hot new release mini fridge on

OMORC Mini Fridge has both the cooling and heating functions at very precise temperatures, making it an ideal food warmer and beverage cooler at the same time. The LED-backlit digital display panel is very easy to read and operate with the temperature up and down touch buttons on one side to warm up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-9℃) and cool down to 77 degrees (25℃). You have the green-backlit LED temp display in the middle for the set temperature and the ECO energy conservation and Power buttons to the right.

You can use it for drinks, baby milk, fruits, coffee, lunch for work, skin care, medicine and more as the stuff will be kept in good condition with the very accurate temperatures as a warmer or a cooler. It has the convenient ECO power saving mode by which it consumes less than 1 degree per 24 hours (1.9 in normal mode). And the noise is reduced to just 28 decibels- you can keep it in your bedroom and will not bother your sleep. The dual core system means this fridge cools down about three times quicker than the single core system, and this also contributes to the energy efficiency.

You can keep it plugged in 24 hours and 7 days a week without any issues like fire hazard. You can switch from the regular indoor 110V AC power outlet to the 12V DC car cigarette adapter with the multi-use AC/DC power adapters included in the package. The ambient temperature needed for it to operate is between 32 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The DC wire is 5.2 feet (1.6m) and the AC wire is roughly 5 feet (1.5m) long which make it easier to use the mini fridge both indoors and outdoors- boats, camping, RVs, road trips etc. It weighs a bit less than 10 pounds (4.5kg) and measures 9.4 x 11.6 x 15.5 inches.

OMORC Mini Fridge is a solid and durable unit that is made of good quality solid ABS plastic. It has a white cuboid compact design that will fit well in different decors. The four round corners are good for protecting your kids from hurting themselves by the sharp edges. There Omorc Mini Fridge Cooler Warmer 10L are two removable shelves inside to keep your food and drinks better organized or when you want to fit in larger or weird shaped items. It has a nice and convenient hidden handle for carrying it easily. And the water sink design will effectively help prevent water leaking.

This is a thermoelectric type cooler with double electric fans, unlike the refrigeration blowing Freon with a fan. The air is blown outside from the metal inside with an electric fan, making it total friendly to the environment and very safe to use. The consumption power for the DC cold is 49 watts with 43W insulation and 60 watts for the AC cold and the insulation of 57 watts. The temperature display can’t be switched from Celsius to Fahrenheit. You’ll find the white plastic bags in the fridge when you unpack it and these are complimentary ice packs.

You can fit a 750ml standard size wine bottle or 4 beer bottles in but you’ll lose the shelf and some space as this fridge is quite small with a 10L total capacity.  For this to work your car engine must be on and running, unless the cigarette plug is powered on without the engine turned on but this will use up the car’s battery. It cools down in just 10-15 minutes in the ECO mode and 20-25 minutes originally. It will stay at the temp you set it consistently as long as you don’t open the door too often. At the current low price point it should exceed most people’s expectations: Modern, nice looking, versatile, functional, compact, easy to use, efficient, and very quiet. You’ll get a hassle-free warranty of 18 months by OMORC and in case of a failure within the first 45 days you’ll get a replacement free of charge or your money back.

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  1. I received the product today and am so excited with my OMORC Mini Fridge 10L Cooler. My question is about the ice packs – what are they for and how are they used? Are they required for use of the cooler? Thank you so much for your prompt response.

    • Sorry for the delay, but you need to contact the seller via your order page. We only review these new release products.


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